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A Sad Lament for England

Oh tell me where has England's glory gone,
Lost golden days of beef and lukewarm beer?
Now it's polenta in a gastro-pub,
Chilean Chardonnay, Tequila Slammers.

Her Empire proudly pink on schoolroom maps;
India, Afric, source of plundered loot galore.
All gone, all gone, black faces back in charge
And black drug pushers stalk old London's streets.

Fat huntsmen dressed in pink, all banished now,
Their yelping foxhounds ripping prey apart,
Celebrating sick English country ways
Before returning to their mortgaged homes.

City yobbos yelling down their mobiles,
Fatcats slurping up their creamy profits;
All the public cares about is football
And the sex lives of the media's darlings.

So where has England's honour gone today?
Up the American military anus,
Our government showing its smug disdain
For what decent people care and think.

We've sold out to baseball caps and burgers,
TV shows for the mentally retarded,
A tourist attraction for rich yanks
To drawl "Gee whizz honey, ain't that, like, cute?"

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Gee Whizz, Edna, stop your self-deprecating whining about the Glory that once was England. There will always be an England--maybe just on a baren rock--but she will survive, even though the luke-warm beer may not be drinkable, etc, etc..

"Her Empire proudly pink on schoolroom maps; India, Afric, source of plundered loot galore." ??

The Empire's schoolroom maps have always inspired this Yank, and I deplore our own government's hypocritical sense of humanity or laxity in conquering half of the known world. In that respect, we, the USA, might have learned a lot from Uncle Adolf. But no! we had to limit ourself to simply robbing Mexico of some lucrative territories--like California, New Mexico--and I'm sure I'm leaving one or two out . . . . Oh yeah! My home state, Arizona, and the rest of the world where milk and honey flow in abundance? Well, WE will rectify this small oversight as soon as I can organize my brownshirts.
Edna, thank you for posting your inspiring poem. Now I may go forth and dominate the world. Come and join me?
PS: kidding, but I enjoyed reading your satire.

Thank you for your kind comments. At least Britain can be proud of inventing concentration camps and the internet. Although in both cases we allowed other nations to develop them fully...

Poet(ess) to the Stars

author comment least you still have Arizona - however with the alarming rise in Covid-19 in that state thanks to the authorities' incompetence, who know what may happen?

Poet(ess) to the Stars

author comment

the crisis is over (one day) then, put your masks back on, (the next day).

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