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S u b t l e m a t i o n z ...

see through like a ghost

we cycle through our walls
inflexible and tumbling
walls torn apart
by the ideal and principle
of war

Lifers we carrry on
dusted and bruised
bloodied with our

letters scented with home
Love strength


the greatests power

rising like whitecaps
rushing towards
the hestitant future
so sure

Editing stage: 


some war??

more likely


instincts drag
the quarry
heads scraped
eyes pleading
the dark night lights
hearts warm with
the knowledge of
sages whispers

this poem is superb
it will widen the pile of favorites thank you

Most wait like restless revellers for their chosen invite...
but not everyone knows the world beyond most doors
Some remain closed....
revel Away.....

Intelligence is the Key...

is everything
mazes dont confound people as it does bore their
simplistic drives

But I love the articulated hunger of those
driven drifters seeking
finding treasure
by fingertips in questionable darkness

I remember the wreck divers post civil war
using only diving bells and candlelit or lamps
sinkign to the bottom to pore over wrecks for
treasures of which in Riverboat commerce trade
there was much....the river would reduce and reveal
the small world of pressure

how intelligence is like this
a special brethren and sisterhood

my "pile" of favourites...
as dear as a Chaise Lounge
with a very own Jupiter!!

sing on Jim
the snowflakes fall
through the cherry tree
the flooring plant lamps
shall glow all night

Thank You Ida.....

author comment
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