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s t i n g c i s t e r n

broker heel
bent the inspection
the crisp hinge
we slush coated
our hearts
and jumped
into the mad rush

plunged into
velveteen jags
with the papers
struck with wind
their disease of
lapping up the rain

and through the
the drops
were sopped
while a soundtrack
falling off
the feather boa
and shiny

flung it back
slow motion
like a run down
exotica zine

each poplar
leaf spun
like a golden

and regurgitated
like a slick
raised beneath
the jar

on ideals
and treats
from very

Editing stage: 


but the subtext is way deep.

I wonder if I have been missing a lot in your poetry.

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it is a kind of gibberish...

not unlike a lot of native paintings and
the old crude images by the neolithics
and that sort....

Ive been listening to Rap and then studying
the physical painting tags on the trains
and our local small amounts here of
graffitti and believe me I cant figure out the
sequence in its meaning because
there is a physical and visual logic to
it that must be shared...transcribed...

One can be intelligent with intuition
but its rare that a singular human alone
can manifest great meaning...

of course there have been
mythology figures that rise up
and create something of a lasting
impression through time..

and Missing a lot
is a key search...

Im not that greatly intelligent
but I do very much like to spin some
of this poet stuff...
It would be great to write cryptically
and I do have acess to minds that
do love to mess with my head
flashing intel and info and watching
my reactions..sometimes it takes
two years or four days for something
to fall into place

but then it does.....

Seeing around corners
and word smithing have
been a love of mine forever
and when others can do
it like that and not be bothered
to use it as a poetic craft
must be like me sitting
here and not sketching or
painting anything for others

lately I did six months with
living with a new crowd and
systems to de construct my
life and look at it in a different

when I used to sit and tell
people and talk they would
wander I made it
harder with the odd and off
the wall sayings and observations
and the truly far out there and
very intelligent came forth to
see what I was up too or about

Im not goth nor hipster
nor true native
but mostly now a city dweller
The most poetic feedback
has come from this site
this Poet place
and most of you friends
for the past seven years

a pretty good run I would

subtextually I have much
to learn but lately Im on the
radar with the very odd
and moving group of thinkers
and doers at the local cafe

polite to say I enjoy saying
hello and not cracking heads
with them in their way of
toying with ideals and such

since Ive got my ego now
under some kind of control
and aware of the anger
and letting go of the crap
from my past its been
wobbly and uncertian
at times without those
old crutchs under my
arms and handy to
flail about

but there is something
very thrilling about this
ventue forth that is
very compelling
and the only way to
get a look at something
strange and interesting
is to walk up to it
and sniff it...

Like wolves that are
some never get trapped
maybe your dingos are
too over there

and interesting people
and place your land

Nice talking to you Mate!

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