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//////////////////////////////////////////////s l i v e r //shiver///////////////////////////////////

back arch beneath the starch linen shirt
resting on the laurel spine
the wool spun weave
of a slither loom that shunts
quick as a cats eye

the clan
the tartan
bright and scheming

spring air in the flags
and whistling in the
while at the horizon
a blush of
fuscia dreamer

the light like a sliver
from the blank moment
of a lost hour
in the dark
rushing to the stairs
and falling
to the landing
like a waterfall
like the dark blue slicker
a boston fern in wicker

the factory whistle

and in a degrees
behind the eye
of a threshold
the flakes

hazed in
behind the

the nurse in white
the oxygen tent

these years bleeding
broken like the shrill
of a shorebirds
climbing cry
higher and higher
a white bird
on white walls

tendrils of spring
loose caught
in the gusts

Editing stage: 


I liked this piece in its variety of feelings.
One thing are some of the tenses a little wrong;-
"back arch beneath the starch linen shirt"
Have read this a couple of times now and the rest seems excellent, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others.. reades, "back beneath the linen shirt"

the neck is the bridge
shoulder blades
the spine

like it hangs in our closets
our drapery of appearances..

arch starch and even the c with back the ck...che sound
rather k with the kuh sound

arch......a bridge...where either that freedom reigns or the
sigh of heaviness upon all..


all my works have it
except for the works in progress
which are built like two archs that
run together to meet in the middle
to jump across the distance
the fast slowing or jagged flowing

glad you asked

i presume you are a technical
man from your background and mind
so you will feel this out in the works
and the more i give here
as a poet rather then mystery
is a guide of understanding

the simpler version would be to run
it simple


her back was arched and her clothes draped..
or danced..or clung..etc to her
the shirt...the tartan is reference to
catholic schooling

the rest of the poem about a mother
or her accident
the spring when if winter doesnt get us
then springs flus activity dislodge
and make present the weaknesses
protected over winter..held slow
come to life like the flowers
like the weather churning

scene change

a lot of my work is those things

i really should work in film
not that there is limitations to poetry
but its easier to just create visually
but the poetry is still the storyboard
of ideas..

leave it to me to even notice any
of these details anyway and try to put
it all into such few lines
in a way that is not just written

i like people who stand out
i know so many who have this
vibe about them
the double take

pull themselves up and strive
forward against all adversity

that kind of thing

survival thing

actually explaining this makes me
see the physical observances of
how it is....i like the keystone
idea olf the arch..
the half built bridge

thank you

author comment
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