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S h e l t e r z c r o z z

the rain reverie
between an hours

your bruises
are twilights trophy
crescent proclamations

and perfume
you wear them proud
lifting your chin
to plumb my depths
with your emerald

I can smell
beauty and rain
see the gloss
and hear your pain
wrapped round
the gauze sequined


like steam raised
from the hot flesh

Editing stage: 


A night of and sensual...every detail...every scent..

Keep Writing,

"Quoth said the Raven, NEVERMORE"

moss holds fast
the slippery north face
sunlight depths hold only the shadow
failing the glimmer plumes
crisp sharp green stems
capturing the wet mist languor's over
beauties touch
green so fine, one can only view
the fine touch

we hold the same
tasted the bitter winters
and hot sunny cold

swept away rains
and snow lingering
slow and sure past
the lamps of a forgotten

I remember much the lush

of the heart and the soul....

author comment

nothing lesser than exotic
the simmering and the shivering
quivers aroused
all over the silken
eel like curvaceous body
dipped in white wine

sweet as the rose’s liqueur
if ever you've tasted
supine oozes the fruits of love
luscious too
who won't relish the sword
with which slice
Oh one time lover you


of this land of Neo as a charm friend treasure writes..
I am forever taken aback
by the comments which are richer then the main avenue
the little streets that catch the rain
the shadows and the pain

exquisite narrow slits of light and life
of unfathomable depths of emotion
and feeling

experience and wants....

Thank You

author comment

funtasm for me and u
thank god
not phanthom


A life
A love
Lost feelings
thrown to the wind.
Yet held in fear
The thought of not being
The way of seeking out
Those that love you
They hold the key
Yet you are
the master
Of the lock.
It may be time to .let go
Run with the wind
seek other touches.
Let you shine
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Yet you are
the master
Of the lock. by IAN

said so lovingly and true
friends we are too
now three
including you


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