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S c a r c e . . E k k o ..

a weight of tension
climbs about the room
like a turning light

the televisions plaintive happy
little voice cheers itself up
the snowflakes lurid and
monstrous fall on a chinese
screen...thrown there pinned
like dead butterflies
from a hundred watt light
across from a strangers yard..

a record turns shiny and black
the voice booming..haunted
and crooning
...softened edged like the shadows
the blurry faces in frames
the locks on the door
locking us in
all the keys in her purse
locking them out
a flourescent hall
dead engines cold cars

beneath the blare of
double bathroom lights
lipstick kissed wall
an overhead fan
vibrating all night
drawing out the
the insence
calamity frothing
like the storm
of winter
the factory whistle
real close

between sobs
naked on your knees
and hands
you are wretching
throwing out the poison
the bracelets and
anklets i gave you
clinking on the tiles
the porcelain

the tv is happy
the silence before
"Our" song we dance

the winds gust and
shake the loose window
knocking down a figuring
and shattering it...

you shiver
and haul up all the
battles from the river
you wear in your middle

we shower hot
flushing away
the years rust
and receeding
crash sites

I prop a chair
under the knob

and turn the
record to the
other side...

stroke your damp
hair with your tiny
head on my big

you count spinning
mad sheep
falling into your dreamworld

I sing along silent to the
while the sillohuettes
drop slowly
waiting for the morning
for the sun
so I can sleep

Editing stage: 


..bryan ferry Avalon.
Players cigarettes
Clinique perfume
Princess St

i didnt save anyone
though I tried
maybe it could've been
better or a way lot worse

Now I got Skye Ferrari...Nobody asked if I was okay..
and I basically am alone....

somehow im happy..

author comment

Glad to see that you are still here with us. Sometimes I get caught up in the rest of my life and I don't get around to doing all the things that I want to do or should do. When I do get to do some of the things, it appears that I have been gone a lot longer than I realize! Maybe I have been time traveling! I guess that it might be a novel experience, but what about the time that you are in the past? What about the middle, between where you are and where you wind up? Anyways, just wanted to say that I always enjoy the word-pictures that you paint. ~ Gee

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