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the rural woman

the boa has excreted gold! - in etymology
cold sequin silhouettes morning sun set on fold
gone from milk tower brim conjunctivitis unfold
skins of the samite , flew modal
computer blood, fig garner feudal
machine bleeds her fingernails epochal

on spindle and prickle slosh
sickle to the farm on the sunbarn, gush...
inglorious charter on the adjacent
harvest belchbolts of balsam crescents
slalom was an allotrope alum
wych witch on all day longlump
less gladdons roll of splice
lively with an ashlar naive dormant rice

daydrear that close there eyes
each day, like the blind shutplies
repository still fashions intercessory
nitrogen chains the tape flea cyclicgory
as out of these ropes gropes
tweaktwirl the boa flatfooted fluff binge
plangent on payphone and coldscall tinge
telecom connections range fringe
have left a death on the splendor sash
heavily charged as price of wagebash
eraser for culpable promulgations snatch.

left to her beauty, rose
she never excretes or
reaffirms in the loo drool
objectives and hell bite full
oriki of the snake and ladder
pandemoniuum for higher octaves adder
beats pound the grey matter
stolen were ballot assault
feets dragged , most feat. flipsault
limbs limpopo had no passport or salt

travelling to headqquaters , Dawsons creek
the pilgrim must sojourn,alto spices cheek
flagrant as peasants palm astrology
loops curve as errs makes deem dermatology
100_ _ _ _- yet leave one zero,
not yet for all errors in pigment euro's
smack if not so clean, head count
days sheep and duckling populated daunt
lacking for marjoram or ram
jam when decay strawberry cram
became blood, but choose not to
stampede creed for feed fickle two
people lock rooms where grains lay
alleged minority considerably
critically gold lat at watergates
comfort bellows for span appeal pillgaits

drink up in the scene of the hospital
doctors, i ever applaud all alike petal
and defect faculty for far cult-
ovation is shortened for incorrect correct,
so the chicken speaks, why cant the cat?

who scratch coins and metal fetlock
gentlemen on the modest highway fretluck
interpreted as or go. Medal?
metal of metal still metal,
injections and white dressed
dedicated in the counter being jury breast
what did sickness do tinkering
when the car was perfectly fine, tin caring
desperately snake loose its legs, superflux
identity miscarriages for vicarage floss

a snake clock is made pervert
up of more times 1-19 overt
when subdued at the inept
for interceptions other light brew debt
sleep yet that morning drakes not
but arise to the snake dead yet
while time erodes on other roads
tidies its retrenchment retrieve allot boles
lure has made purgatory statutory
given the stick!- given the sticks, bodkin glory
whose shift makes shift more Billiard
blind to the money petroleum offers
jelly helium one like any of these
and no one died decongestant
charming petrified by surrogate plagiarist

Last few words: 
about corruption in Nigerian politics, was actually a longer piece
Editing stage: 


Surrogate Plagiarist....
copy machines...sticks
and coins
the clucking of markets
like hens
the trick chutes
fat protien ballot bowls

a reference to hell given the stick
a real political feel to that one!!
The should have voting on halloween
more turn out!....

slide...glide actually on scales undulation
the more scales
girth the more speed
and power...density
the crush

Bodkin Glory....I like that
line...and others..

its not obscure
its like an unknown code
of words we know
just written in a style
of a language to english
that has a really interesting
appeal for me

I appreciate that you have broken
it down to this length

charming petrified..
the old smile and nod

I like your style of writing

Thank You!

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