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Rule Me Not

On a stairway to heaven we all been to seven because number one is nothing more than a bore but number two is for us with all its wonder and nastiness there is never a dull moment created by the gods perverted ideas we’ll die here yes it’s true and from every earth else there is surety in this show where pink is a name that will bring fame hey, hey, hey what’s going on in the house of hallelujah where in the end someone shall come to screw you but it’s all ok because we’re all going to die anyway anyhow like the cow that took a bullet in the brain so we could have a pick nick in the rain while we sit with a harp on our lap cutting into the soft silence with a song about baby Cuba sucking the sap in a warm summer breeze from a young maple as we get up and kick on down a rocky road singing of a broken heart and a love for the prairie with no soul or do we believe in one oh well what the hell just more fun on this number two planet that houses me and you and us all where we acquire a flu and thought we knew it could get no better we are all excited again and sacrifice the nice for more good because we knew we should and maybe it was possible or could be but no matter what we say it anyhow just to fuck up our neighbor and we love it on our waddle up a few more rungs screaming what’s going on and the love that we learn is not sunshine but a killer on a rose vine a thorn through our heart like stinking thinking or a brain fart or just a stinker that someone let go in line at Walmart when the gang led by James rushes the store with long guns and short ones and screwy ones we’ve never seen before with radar sighting and killer blighting everything gets funky as we run for our damn lives because of lies and what you may have but we know everything is gonna be alright by the looks of three little chicks outside beside the window and did they know that we would not be let down unless it was sally laying down with all the idiots in town with a frown for the night what a party what a fright no rest for the whore but we are all safe on the shore from the impending storm we see as we are up a few more rungs and above the drops of prairie dust it’s all a fuss but heaven is closer to our number two the earth for me and you so exciting we kill we give birth we are so damn unsure but one thing is a surety that we all wish to be in Dixieland except we are going up, up to reach the clouds almost a mile and we look back and smile at the earth becoming vague wishing all in these arms of ours wrapped up in a sort of wine vine but not a rose vine maybe wisteria such a mysteria as we ascend through the icy clouds clouding our minds like muddy water with stones rolling through splashing and thrashing and smashing our home and now we climb to the sun to realize that there are no pretty women or men but rather an alikeness to the truth all black and white but wonder why our decisions end up in the grey wonder why there is only day now as we look for heaven on this stairway this ladder of rungs ringing like a train horn in our heads the truth will set us free but there is no free but a price on everything yet up we climb and begin to feel stranded will there be no end to this journey to heaven or maybe fall to the land of legal weed but that has a price and so it’s for us to say good-bye to the never know because no one has ever known or are there photographs of love to prove a feeling exists or must belief be blind faith in our dreams with a honky tonker I only wish you were here to shoot me under a harvest moon then tell the marshal I’ll be back you can prove it and you wait forever and the ladder tumbles and you know there was no ladder or heaven or Walmart but fears doubts and insecurities on mornings like this when there are no rules and ya just take off your jewels and roll another bone pack up your gear and make some stone - bring it on home and say good night to the night the thrill has arrived and you know you’ll sleep for 5 hours in the blindness of smoking bliss you find yourself with seven Spanish angels realize you’re not dead but rather had said that’s life on earth 2 where there is never a dull moment for me nor you and ya whisper to the stale air that love is not a rose but a thorn through your heart and there is no stairway to heaven there is nothing over the rainbow yet there are ladders everywhere for your mind and your spirit but most lead to some sort of disappointment like my dad a self-made millionaire who last night in a rage of unawareness beat up his medical attendant and now is being force fed a chemical straight jacket at 93 he just can’t hack it but that’s the excitement for today on this planet of love and anger and everything in-between be happy be sad or just be because here you can do that too and expect others to say I love you like I do and I do now have a cookie and soon you will forget all about it but were you aware that this unruliness was one sentence or question? Written by Mark a question mark.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
Is the internal logic consistent?
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


Wow, Mark!
I'm seeing an amazing music catalog. An endless wild plethora of lyrics, albums, and artists! This must have taken some time and thought! There's so much, but being a Stones fan, I see the reference to Muddy Waters. This is really something. Great entry, and good luck! I've read several times, and will return several more.
Thank you!

I like everything but the format! Made my eye go funny and I had to look away several times, in order to keep from falling out of my chair. Then I had trouble picking up where I left off. I know that it is kinda a long thing, but maybe if you double-spaced it? And yes, I was aware that it is a run-on sentence.~ Geez.

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I think you have something really magical here and of course it makes me want to sing and dance, what I would say is when I came to read it it looked like a blob of butter, I hear what geezer was saying and agree, now saying that I guess you would tell us to"look at the title" so I guess a very clever bit of no rule poetry. A bloody great entry, best wishes.

Thank you...Teddy

You win the award for the longest run on sentence lol

So, obviously Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven, Earth,Earth 2, Seven Angels, Katy Perry, Pink, Hey, Hey, Hey, Eric Clapton, Lay Down Sally, I sense Guns N' Roses, Dixie Chicks (now known as The Chicks), Straitjacket, Blind Faith, Dream Theater , James Gang - so much in this adventure! I am trying to piece together the internal meaning - the pandemic, racial tensions, the environment? I really like this!
Thank you!

Just read Malcolm Godwin. It's great reading, research and an unusual book anyhow: Angels : An Endangered Species
on Amazon.
No rule or internal meaning actually but certainly driven !

Please comment anywhere anytime.

author comment

Looks like a very interesting book! Again, I really enjoy this poem - certainly no confining rules here, but excellently wild!

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