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I cast about in addled mind
no strikes of ideas flash forth.
"This poem is shit" is being kind
it lacks message even mirth

So wad it into paper ball
and drop it into wasted file
The muse doesn't come at all.
I burp up lines which taste of bile.

Eyes dart around my cripple's cell
in search of any worthy subject
but find I'm in a poet's hell
Another more reject.

And the pain comes on me again
this time a stab instead of wave
Eyes squint here in my lonely den
One decent line is all I crave.

So I begin a sylvan tale
About the woods which ents might know
about journeys back when legs were hale
where deer flee and wild grapes grow....

But the poem has no destination
so it comes to a dead end
thus with a bit of hesitation
I throw a beginning out again.

This hour is getting late
pain meds must be hitting me
still, upon the muse I wait
while absentmindedly rubbing new knee.

The screen throws only a blank
a real poet would fill it up
but every word which I tried stank
Melting ice settles sweating cup

Try as I might it isn't there
Too sober to write of fantasy
Too stoned to ink out words with care
Perhaps tomorrow? ...guess I'll see

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
I know this is crap but I had to write Something
Editing stage: 


stay stationary

we posted a poem each
mine was for you
you didn't read
a minute ahead
was I

now do
good nite

Susan must
stand by

I don't think I could have gotten through this without Susan. Appreciate your visit.......stan

author comment

Yes, there is always tomorrow.
Do not sit down in front of the screen before you feel you must. Go out there in the world, your favorite books, your friends, new people or places or simply just if your knee hurts take a virtual tour to museum. Lie down and listen to your fav music or think about your first kiss.
Then you will find the inspiration. It is out there not inside you!
Great poem! It makes me believe that you write about yourself, so naturally I am giving you my trivial advises. The world is overwhelming with it's beauty and unfairness go get it, pen it down. I am looking forward to hearing about it.
I am now going on a hunt for a new poem. Let's do it together, synchronizing in this virtual unreality.
What do you think?


I'm a "see and say" kinda writer lol. So I try to avoid sewer plants and other ugly things lol........stan

author comment

Lol. Whatever comes across your way
you may to find a better angle


Poetry in your blood seeks freedom
even when tied down in the bed
in pain when you write these verses
I can hear your heart's beat

raj (sublime_ocean)

I'm still writing a bit but I'm not going to post much until my faculties are clear enough to pre edit . Appreciate your visit

author comment
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