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The Roman Poet Ovid’s Farewell to Youth and Love

Once again I ask my heart why it no longer
flutters at the sight of fair Corinna.
Why is it that her lovely form now
fails to fuel the old delight that years ago
had twirled me into passion’s fit?
Oh—it’s not that cruel time had all-too-soon
transformed her skin into that of a sun-dried prune . . . .

On the contrary; she is beyond compare,
and my hormones would tumble in a rush
and rest there in a state of jumble,
but the fire of my youth is now a dying ember—
not hot, not yet extinct, but it would fail to respond
to her gentlest sigh that used to set my senses ablaze.
I, the old prune and she, the silken olive, no longer make
for good bed partners. But I must be content; what I
no longer have, I shall not miss.

As is, I have misplaced my white toga (the garment
with a purple stripe), on the left bank of the Tiber,
but, surely, some laundress would have rushed
to return that scrubbed symbol of my manhood
in the blink of an Ibis’ eye. But, what’s gone is gone,
and so I must resign myself to going into exile to Tomi,
somewhere in Romania, without her or my garment.

(Written in exile Anno 8, at the time of Caesar Augustus)

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Free verse
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Oh so funny, the imagery lol.

Thank you...Teddy

thank you for responding to this one last product of my internal joke machine. It has been a pleasure writing my goofy stuff with your giggles of appreciation always forthcoming. However, a comedian can't exist on the well-meant applause of one patron alone, and therefore I have to assume that I'm being shunned on this site. I'm going to miss you, dearest Signora and would welcome your visit to my website. Farewell, my dear lady. Parting is, indeed, such sweet sorrow. JerryK

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author comment

I think that's ridiculous, but if you feel you need to make an exit then I shall say , it's been a true pleasure knowing you and your work. X

Thank you...Teddy

should abandon you in the height of your humor and allow you to plunge to depths unknown, seems such a shame. I will miss your shriveled sense of propriety. Come back when you have had your fill of empty praise from the masses and enjoy the nectar of meaningful enjoyment of the few. ~ Geez.

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If there is a critique upon the work it is taken as an insult but this is a learning site, I have nothing to give to an 86 year old poet, perhaps it's time to keep the pacifier in the mouth of the sulky baby otherwise people do get bored. No disrespect but as a poet I think even if one person enjoys my work I'm a winner.

Thank you...Teddy

you are right; that one person is important to me. Thank you,Signora.

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