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roadside flowers

plough shear butter metabolism pass away fumes
coyote coy oat chisel & squirrel toilet friends
wheat-meal and algae proportions left recycled
green eyes and skilm mea, three faces; thumb suck
dancing in the dress flowers may pleads of the child
the rain of heavens work clock and home work daily
fetters dry stand still donator of
stood in the eyes slough ravens, later progenitor
forecalled and rich rivulet
one tear of all twilight long
sheen dancing in blue rays
light retardation predicates bough
wooden to set ablaze stomp
Aforesters in the drought.

cyclops that strain one linen lea
when the sun bleaches red
is called the willows of wigwag
and the giver of dusk to black char
scar her mottled black maria
[M.K.O] money kills overt mauve
a celestial press conference constellation jowl
sleep drool upon the lavender oceans
time yet waits sunflower before awakening
hill shrill sing hirsute hir fern. Indigo
and Egoli ego only Loki and Scandinavians
avian eagle red carpet navy bound blonde
Blondie metal jazz Harlequin jaw grope
but found at last Taiwo akinwumi! .

the true general,
they betrayed the general in a mutiny
skies gang for clouds dark
prosecution, then his execution
yet sun stays true and blue
cue furnace ornamental birch
yon pitch chips the needle loop perch
Octavia in his last life-time
but knew the general-
now sing for let everything that has breath praise the lord!
my life time- i will give God my life time.
Golden towers cypresses tinsels & utensils
zinc sink frock smouldered fluff crozzed zig
cross carpet and the golden geese
webs in the aid flung tailsteads
ducks dock paddock chains padlock
future install abridges commence
stalled and quell in hoicks garlic Germanium.
vamps air damp fuzz and palpable colloquium
flail for the garden of thorn roses,
moon meal millepedes brood feathery warmth
wrath swamp and fealty
baritone's toad croak, invoke broke jar
chitinous shells plassurreal Tripoli
three poly monopoly cosmic feudal
rural and rafts have water legs
so spring betides swoosh! long trick
cabin car beam halogens aura travail
decathlon decaneon and Mons mourns
whitberyl effervescent white balls
testicle for the suns one eye blinded
men warred and bedlam beds
lamp chopped lambchops tears Crocus Lambrusco
nearer and tears become contagious
germ carrot cell car rot dead long
where assurances liaze with peerage mutation

Editing stage: 


Whilst not always fully comprehensible to my ear it is gorgeous wordcrafting and beautiful to the minds ear.

It is is not necessary but an exegesis would be appreciated.

I apologise for the poor reading, it is the best I could do under the circumstances

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