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I've walked so many days and miles
until they've added up to years.
I've tried to avoid concrete paths
in favor of country roads and trails
where boot thud on much softer land.

Sometimes those roads went past large farms
sometime clusters of hobby farms
occasionally a family farm
where a long swing hung from an oak's limb.

But between these well kept fields
were woods and sometimes
deserted fields.
Where my journey turned toward a rutted field road
or a dim trail beneath forest's crown.

On such a trail I trek today
down a ridge of oaks and hickory
where I jump a deer
and disturb squirrels.
One snorts but the others just bark.

This ridge ends in a small flood plain
where a middling river flows
winding lazy on its way
guarded by birch, huge poplars and beech
which 3 men could not enclose.

And the trail goes to the water where it forks
one continues toward the other side
indistinct with privet hedge and brush.
The other runs the river's course
a known path

I pause to consider. Then
choose the more familiar way.
Soon enough I'll take the
unknown path.

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Very nice and very visual. Your descriptive power is so strong it simply holds one to the poem.

This verse made me smile
"I pause to consider. Then
choose the more familiar way."
because I heard echos of a famous poem. but you surprised me by taking the other direction.


The most powerful reaction
of mind on mind
is transference of sight

Yeah this one Didn't take the road less travelled (unless one considers writing poetry to be that road lol)
I appreciate you dropping by on this moderately rare free verse attempt........stan

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