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i am much younger than i am
my hair is dark and thick
instead of pruned bald
i am lean and meek
feeling hollow
as if weightless

we are at an airport
with no memory of getting there
i had left my hotel room urgently
in a jacket that is not mine
i can't find my Swedish wife
whom i miss like a panicked child
and my Asian wife whom i've never never met before
and know all to well
is angry
and could care less if i got lost forever

i am going home to my parents house
i remember that they are dead
but we had just spoken
there will be soup and Hors d'oeuvre's

they wait for me

on my way
the streets and boulevards are unfamiliar
yet old hat
and no matter how long i walk
i can never find their house
it's located somewhere in Brooklyn
on Haze street in San Francisco
bright is the sun

i have a business
and retain no idea of what i do
i left my cloths somewhere
and i don't know why
in a locality i cant remember
for a reason that doesn't exist

a beautiful woman smiles offers me pot
she is friends with a girlfriend whom i'm committed too
but do not know and never met
i want to cheat with her
but guilty kisses will ruin everything
so i turn away
murdering desire
in an already anchor-less miasma

i remember a past
my life a continuum
of disjointed vagaries
tears well up

i fear myself a figment
a bodiless revenant
stranded in a fog
sparkles and smoke
incandescence and shrouds
a dis-junctured soul
that clutches memories
like braids of dust

living in the eye of nothing
a labyrinth of shades
lighted by the sun of cognizance
a wretched phantom
transparent husk
living a dark fiction
my grave a womb

i am the dead living

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How was my language use?
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Thank you for sharing yet another very interesting poem.
It is a dream on the verge of a nightmare, a confusion of a person finding himself detached from his current now, from self, from his partners and parents,
about lost sense of meaning hence the feeling of being undead,
It does not have simple colors, it is all semi-shade and shadows and shows a disappointment of unfulfilled life that feels like a killed desire.
In short, great write.


Thank you Kindly IRiz You get it completely The incompleteness, the lost

This has been intermittent recurring night travels for years I make a distinction , subjective though it may be, between astral travels and dreams I view this experience as the former A brief visit to the afterlife before one settles down to the realization that they are in a different place with different rules with a hangover of loneliness, perhaps not yet aware of ones new life and the freedom of being disembodied. Also I would add the awareness of multiple selves living in various states in the eternal now

Thank you for reading my work You know I appreciate it very much

author comment

"Freedom of being desembodied"
It looks like a line of your next poem.

Sometimes I feel I have no body
and yet just a pair of eyes,
or ears, or wings
depending on what I am focused on
looking, listening or
tumbling down the hill.


Yes I feel like many of us have a link to a kind of pre birth consciousness Its hard to know what the brain is capable of and if we are spirit or exclusively just a bunch a neurons firing stuff off remembering what never was UFO oligists believe...….. :)

author comment

IRiz's comment, I became unsure of what I wanted to say, for no other reason, but I have forgotten if it means the same or maybe I only think it does. I was as confused as the maybe Alzheimer's patient I thought you were writing about. It is very troubling and dare I say, confusing? Whatever the intent, this work served to show that there are many people who are mixed up and troubled and begging for help. Nice story of someone who is in deep doo-doo and knows it, but can't figure out how to clean it from their shoes. ~ Geezer. P.S. I love the word "revenant".

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Deep doo doo says it all YEEE HAAAA
Thanks Geezer

author comment

and i saw you in my dream
loitering unmindful of my being
stark naked
signs of dementia may be
what is life
but amazingly stark nudity
from womb as you walk to your tomb
some leaves clothing some one may put around
after all as one ages
on dementia do not recount

Iriz says it all give her a tring
and she will ask from where
u may say hell
correction then cell

but say you are still well
about to be in the well

nice imagery anyone can sell

Appreciate your comment; thanks Lovedly It must be sleep dementia only.... I'm hopin

author comment
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