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Far too many are the ones
with whom I'll walk no more
will they again see setting suns
having reached that other shore?

I wonder if they e're look back
to this side of the sea
or if they even have the knack
of giving thought to you or me

It's getting pretty crowded there
as I advance slowly with age
and loved ones here become more rare
on this side of the page

So I guess when comes the day
the beats are numbered in my heart
and old skin wrinkles like dry clay
I'll be ready, anxious, to depart

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How was my language use?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
How does this theme appeal to you?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
Editing stage: 


I am proud that you liked this. I Hope when my time comes I'll be ready but we never really know do we?...................stan

author comment

I'm a non believer but i can understand the feelings that went into such a heartfelt poem.Great . Regards Roscoe...

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

I expect even a non-believer will eventually weary of outliving all his friends and eventually welcome death. Thanks for the time to read and leave such kind comment..............stan

author comment
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