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Let festivities begin
for return of absent friend
who had gone to fight the fight
and battle with all her might

The void now filled, the home complete
let's applaud and stamp our feet
for those who wish, toss back a beer
let mirth and laughter now appear

So welcome back into the fold
share our warmth and shun the cold
( in time, perhaps, forget the pain )
and know we're glad that you're back here Jane

Just a little thing to welcome you back........scribbler

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
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An embodiment of sentiment
Love and peace
That’s why I always read
Each and everyone
Of your poetic piece
May god the almighty
Keep you at the fore
So that you too continue
To read me as ever before
As Shirley is now away
Who but you shall now?
Brighten my pathway.


thanks loved. I expect you gain comment from more than Shirley and I.........scribbler

author comment

soon as u and shirley too

stop reading me

i shall be gone

to where i belong

on triond i get 160 plus minus reads daily

and 30 to 55 comments too

they all love me so
once i have donated my thirty dollars
so earned
then i shall be gone
to where i belong


from off the cuff poet

lovedly for shirley

and you


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