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craft me with talents
all mulitiplicity and speed
your mind jumping frets of
and that bold beautiful wheel
of love turning bright
in its wicked flames

in this cold years January
with frozen fragrance
of morning caught
round us
chimney smoke
traffic exhaust
and the sweet
river smell of
water turned underground
in their concrete

and I wonder
what it is
that moves
the paces between

like a part of night
thats still there
we are just
beneath that
thin light

of suns

I cannot see the stars
but I know they exist
beyond the plume of
mornings scarlet

I will not look
but I know you
are here

here in my heart of

our secret years

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the most popular theme these days, memories and hearts. It must be something in the air here at Neo. As always, you are enigmatic, and I love trying to figure out what you really mean. I guess that is part of the mystique of poetry. Good to see you writing again, ~ Gee

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I could smell the sewers and hear
the water run off in the drains
waiting for cars to pass thinking
about relationships I have
because I have a lot
I would tire of just one
and am involved mentally
socially etc with a lot

part of the obsession
hate I guess
frustration that drives
all the other drives
that keeps the body
jacked up and on
alert and keeps me young

strange but the heart sickness
is like a drug...everythings sharpened
the smells....the light..
the focus dragging me out of my
head into my body

flirting to get that dose a day
is politics and unsteady ground

I love my old lady
shes stability
i crash in my chair
legs splayed out
worn out
burnt out from the
knowing I have everything
at home too do too..

I lived alone for years
so its still very exciting
to live amongst many
touch and be a part
of their lives
but its weary and wearing

that addiction to needing
if I didnt have it the writing
would be about descripts
about my walk to work

and I would not even notice
what Im writing about
in such an abstract way
here if I wasnt so caught
up in all that other... messed up!

Thank You!

author comment

This is another of your great writes, a world seen with your eyes is well worth the read, just "Great"
Yours as always, Ian.

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

I loved working...still do
all the years heavy construction
chimney sweeping
selling woodstoves
summer camp maintenance

the beauty one can
never see if one was inside
or far off
in an urban setting

my city today is built up
but at just under sixty
thousand there are many
park and lots of bush
and streams...lakes
rocky outcrops to go
sit and meditate
swampy meadows

Thank You

author comment

I am so glad that I can drift in those fields with your poetry,
Yours always, Ian

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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