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A re-ocurrance

If indeed the spirit lives on ...

Meet me on the peaks of Chamonix,
crystallized, we can again form our union,
becoming seen air.

Join me in the Red Hawk's talons,
we'll know life, from death, to life.

At the Hall of a Thousand Temples,
our visit claimed in dust,
a stolen landing on Athos,
and the world will smile with you.

At the Great Bear's lodge
gathering momentum
to fly forever
from Chamonix
to Chamonix ...

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


Short and concise as usual. Perhaps the red hawk will fly above the land of ents where I will dwell.........stan

That ol hawk gets around ya know

author comment

didn't realize you were that well travelled! ;). Intrigued at your choice of the resort of Chamonix... Is it anything to do with the fact that they had the recent avalanche there? That would tie in well with your theme!
Poetically, I loved the first verse! "become crystalized", substantive! Real!
And then 'do it all over again'... In the closing lines....
You make any hot blooded romantic want to fly over to France forthwith! ;)


I haven't been there and had not heard of the recent avalanche
but fell in love with the place via the television and research, there
are on average close to one hundred extreme skiers that die there
every year but they go there because they love it, it's an ice mountain
that changes all the time, never the same trail down and full of crevices.
Very dangerous place but so damn beautiful I'd love to see it first hand,
but I'm old and the cold does me in quickly.

thank you Boni, great to see you !

author comment

Well written, leads me in, without knowing all the references.
Then checked the references and got excited.

You are one one of the best here.

Hyphenate the title.
A Re-ocurrance

New Workshop!-
Critique For New And Old

Thank you Sir, I'm glad you liked it.

thanks for the correction,


author comment

Life that is ours and death we are visited by at any time.
We will at some time Gather by the river, and watch the life flow from one place to another.
Loved this write, it held a lifetime, then the Hawk that shares its wisdom with the Great Bear,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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