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Raven's Rhapsody

Said Raven to the Wolf
as he passed under
the old Acacia tree.
Did you think
you could escape me?

Wolf looked up
through blood stained eyes
gnashed his teeth and growled.
Foolish bird
tell me what it is
you think you know.

Raven grinned
and continued his rant.
I am the mirrored reflection
of your tortured soul.
I am what you wish you were
but can never be.

Wolf responded
in a hellish voice,
if I could only get up this tree.
I would teach you
there is no one just like me.

Raven laughed rudely
and then pressed on
I am the violence
that drives every battle
you fight.
I am the she-wolf
who does you in the night.

I am every sin
you committed,
everything you ever hated.
I AM the messenger
to bid you warning
your time is coming.

Wolf howled
every hair up on his neck.
Demon bird
from hell’s firey gate
it will be a cold day
when you decide my fate.

Raven ignored him
and chattered still.
I am the knowledge
I am the strength
I am your greatest song
but not your masterpiece.

Wolf seethed
as he spoke.
Spare me your wisdom
spare me your taunts.
It is life that made me
it is life that shaped me
not some loud mouth
feathered haunt.

Raven nodded,
you make a point
so for now I’ll take my leave
but not forever, you see
my departure is only temporary.

I am death, black as my wings
I am the inevitable end
however it may come.
I will be back
when your time is up
I will come for you
once and for all
little, lost pup.

And with that
he flew away
leaving Wolf to wonder.
He beat it this time, however

Death has no time line
it has no favorites
catching you off guard.
When will it be your turn
to face your eternal doom
Hell only knows.


Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


This is good but I felt that it was sofly spoken, I read it a few days ago on your Blog it seems incomplete as if the Raven should have just flown a little way away and then screamed that it was the Wolfs turn, as his shadow covered the cowering beast...
Or something like that lol.
Still loved the writes you put out though you seem to pull back from the finality of the story you have written..
Keep writing Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

It took me a minute to know what to say. The Raven was death and I love life. So that is why it took me a minute. It made me identify with the wolf who had beat the raven that time. I like it. It made me think.

This is an old poem I wrote several years ago. I reworked it as it needed refreshing. I am glad you saw the symbolism between the Raven and the Wolf. The battle between life and death and life prevailed! It reminds us how short our time really is and not to take it for granted. :)

Keep Writing,

"Quoth said the Raven, NEVERMORE"

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