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Jeremiah 31 Sermons

15This is what the Lord says:15"A voice is heard in Ramah,15mourning and great weeping,15Rachel weeping for her children15and refusing to be comforted,15because her children are no more."


cowbells and buttercups
in a field so green.
butterflies in a deep blue sky
on a sunshine day.
See them all fly away
on rainbow wings

Editing stage: 


The children have been claimed, claimed by our Greed and our way of life.
I await the excuses now that will come out of the grief.
A broken home, a shortage of money and the list is endless.
Was there no one that could really see what was about to happen.
Guns and humons just don't mix, how long before we see.
I see a thing coming up on my Face book on how to build your gun.
Why Oh why don't they put it so that the bullet comes out the back.???
Thanks Joe for your write but it will not end, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Thanks, Ian. The world has gone insane,

author comment

Our little path where our dogs walk
is the train tracks
We lost a youth in 2006 here

the way is named after him and they
have a little monument area on the
chain link fence at the crossing

It is a deeper felt pain when it is a youth
taking another youth

Obama said it right when its a youth
be it from a wealthy mansion in connecticut
to the streets of chicago

There needs to be a constant check put in place
for handgun handling
a more secure measure
run household checks
not just owners

I still like the sixth
as society grows
and social systems
are tested to the limits
(A law is only a law until it is tested)
we will need to defend the very
construct of civilization

random acts like this do not reflect
nor shall it destroy the Love of God
or the parent for the child

The idylic times have come and gone
it is a new world order now

Sadness and quiet reflection now

our teen is home happy with stories
of work...I have to get up there and
help with dinner

Thank You for this beautiful poem

Lonnie,Steven and Ian, I will never understand this. We live in a random universe andagodless world.

author comment

evil speaks and drives when hope is extinguished
and for some the light is never shed

it is just a great sadness that makes me
look out there tonight in this freezing rain
reflecting on all the shootings in the world
so far....from Boomtown Rats song
"I dont like Mondays" to the Quebec Polytech

I remember when a death stopped my dad
from believing...
the world is close
and intimate
we are to feel

and yes Geremia
there is no understanding

Thank You

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