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A Radiant Light

A Radiant Light

First a beam then a great pulse in full force
We arose to the very notion of laughter in our course
A line being drawn in the sand when to understand
Shadows block the vast extremities between my eyes

Filter through the very notion of thought
We again lie helpless in our effort to endure the means
Strength comes from those that wait and have filled up faith
To be idle is a sin lest to know where I need to begin again

The sharper the eye the more obedient to make
A hostile environment will provide souls that brake
The surface of a beach in view of wind coming from the North sky
A soft reproach visible to the natural eye

We have come this far not to ever turn back now
Hence there's no use looking back at the plough
With sweet sentiment of dew risen in the night air
Many may argue still getting caught inside my hair

A radiant light as the twilight sun had tainted my vision
Was there something else that you have been wishing
The burning desire for a tender kiss through barrowed papal pews
Out of sadness mere laughter to what it is were waiting for

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miss Walton sat behind me.brunette with farrah fawcett hair
in english..had the desire sizzling behind me
always figdeting in her seat
trying to get my attention
pale with dark eyes...long lashes....dreamer brows
bobbed nose..tight calvin kleins
she would have kissed and not told
and much much more...
but i was watching the pixie cut gymast that
moaned and gushed in passing in the
hall.....stars were falling all about my
archaic cave man..bella legosi features
my car waiting outside
but no...wishing upon the comets
my radiant light is either the stove
floursecent tube at night here
or at my place the tubes in
the bathroom...
either way.....the dream..desire
which we not take..grasp
that step...will always be
more powerful then those
that snatched us from
the sale bin....

thank U chevy
Mr wolf!

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