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A Radiant Beach

A Radiant Beach

The ocean has a way to soothe the average beast
Hidden folly promoted with basking red hot tans/
There is a promise that was made in the dark that now has come into the light
A crystal clear rainbow that sparkles through the land/
Promises that were made in the dark have now come into the light
The gravitational pull will bring some down...,
Through the surface of the wet exterior the decor will bleed
One can see the forest from the tree's
The locusts from the actual honey bees/

Still the calender marked the perfect design to the proper exchange of time/
Within it's clause will be no harm with no reason for actual alarm,
A soft delight filled my mind that night
Of moon beaten sun and windows fly
At the oyster bar there may be a fortunate delight !
Still one should take out their date tonight
Within space and the actual time
A radiant beach with couples naked swooning
Do all of you remember what you were doing ?
Choose the path that leads to the light
Very often it's a plan that leaves such a fright !
What will one actually embrace tonight ?

This should give one pause to really think
With the existentialist that would fully agree
The quest to change one mind nor simply let it be ?
By Mario William Vitale

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
Please use care (this is a sensitive subject for me, do not critique harshly)
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always got along with everyone
the mark of good parents
and good character
why I had a choice in youth
of beauties and good chums

beach times I remember
the moonlit
the surf....the atmosphere
of late night fires
sleeping on a blanket
on the beach with a loved
on till dawn...

Your writing is positive
and uplifting
and comments supportive
Lets have more of

Thank U!
Mr Wolf!

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