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r i m a r r a n o

pst modulatory
it was all smeared into statutories
like the thirteenth floor
under the door
of Tomorrow

deuce feel
sheets chilled like a pool
diving into old school
so tall inquired
through your thighs
tall shade of dark
the moon
gleam lust
stolen of a park

spark a crime
snarl a Fuss

I wear your ring
on a chain
bling my heart
diamond pain

and be it


Editing stage: 


it appears this work is lying
on dusty top shelves of libraries

what a pity
poets poetry
lying sadly

I have many muses
I have mixed co mingled
and been through the mill
with a few..

was...Is about how I
try to figure out Love
the attraction

Lust is one thing
but the lasting
thing...thats the tricky
and that magic
dance that people
give to one another
like magnetic
like sparks
and sabres rattling

etc..more and more

the title means..WILL REMAIN...

steadfast the Love
corny right!

all odes to the weird mystic
straight out slam bam
was thinking roller derby
and then watched Wuthering
sat with two young
people at the soup kitchen breakfest
she had pink hair...looked road weary
at prolli seventeen and he a
hardcore five foot nothing like her
tatooed survivor like she
they were talking about tatooes
I was staring out the window
looking at snow...
thinking of the Kennedies
which reminds me
to play some punk music
for old times sake

I hold on to everything
just something I do..

Thank U!

author comment

a poet friend in u

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