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quick read in for delete== 1.5 years old Nature spoke

Nature seeks

Just go back a couple of years ...say what was the population during the...
Time of Buddha & Christ and thereafter
Twenty apple trees could perhaps feed the lot......
Today we have 100 guys/gals/folks
visiting the wash rooms per hour,
so compare their human waste
why try only in haste
but try and population make chaste

procreate less if you will
enjoy sex which you must
but then educate yourself too
pollution will as of now continue

travel at speed
oil you use must combust,
don't yourself frustrate
cancer of prostate also face
all such things are cyclic
nature knows how to recycle

you exhale carbon dioxide
the trees inhale it don't they?
who planned such pollution
but the natural god
can you not follow a similar way
reduce population
and pollution will find itself
a natural way

There is enough oil with the earth,
it’s not for oiling the earth’s plates as such

Do apply your mind all of ye
from applause, applaud may be

But keep in mind the future of mankind
nature itself will solutions find
Perhaps you don't yet have that in mind
coz you are also one of current mankind

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


gov research on Plum Island and desert labs
with genetic splicing also..
Chem trail fallout working slow

sex pollution...machine pollution
light pollution..noise pollution
and we pollinate
instincts will fuck us out of house
and home!

but man made virus bacterium
plague and cross species bug
will arrive to help wipe us out
take us down a notch and
save us from ourselves
Or the nuke thing...
but...even with every major taking
a direct hit...fifty mile radius of
vaporization....its just a dent..

within fifty years if the earth
survives...we will have
increased the birth rate
...without medical help
as a natural species..
the strongest will carry
too term the next generation
those not affected by radiation
and not gone sterile will
keep going..

thank god we have simple minds
I just care about having enough
smokes and coffee
and paying the Rent a girl bill
at my place end of month!

thank U!

your kindness esker
a single man
can produce a fuller generation
all now know
you are admired
by all
as a Neo

this poem will stay
now all know
you alone help me here
I will sow

author comment
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