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The Queen's Garden Party

This poem was inspired by a wonderful day, I was privileged to be invited to her majesty the Queen’s garden party 2015 in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

Human nature thrives on praise, a thank you given with a smile,
It makes you feel appreciated, loved, happy, life feels worthwhile.
As a simple gesture by the most important lady in our land,
Inviting you to her garden party makes you feel simply grand.
Our noble Queen Elizabeth graciously sends out invitations every year,
To those in our society who have enhanced it with love, inspiration and good cheer.

The Queen appreciates there are those who make this world a happier place,
Helping those in need, the elderly, the sick, inspiring our young folk the future to face.
This world never has enough happiness, contentment, relaxation and cheer,
To those who provide this important ingredient in our lives, we treasure dear.
Look deep into your heart, is there any small act of happiness you can do?
However great or small, it will make you happy and others too.

Our noble Queen sets her examples opening her doors to welcome you all,
To those who give their love, dedication and support to life’s ever
demanding call.
The Queen’s garden parties are a shining light in this troubled world of ours,
It is further enhanced with a display of glorious flowers.
To many who have been blessed to be invited to this event,
It will be remembered as a day of happiness, awe and wonderment.

It is a once in a lifetime invitation for folk like you and me,
Not many get invited to go to Buckingham Palace and join the Queen for
Let us hope the Queen and her heirs will not stop this heart- warming event,
It unites the Royal House with our Nation, praising our good folk, sincerely meant.
On behalf of our visitors, I thank you for inviting us here today.
These parties are appreciated; we all hope they will continue to stay.

I Very much hope that you enjoyed my poem.
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You might improve your meter, but I thought that the theme was of interest, as I did not know of this
"Party" Sounds kind of like "Alice Through The Looking Glass" and I would have chosen a more symbolic title; like "I'm A White Rabbit". [A little chuckle here]. Enjoy our site. ~ Geezer.

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