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Pure Imagery ( Is it...)

Why it Alludes

Born in the hour of death,
scanned life
since birth with near fatal disease,
then malaria, many times quietened by quinine
and small pox none survived,
I’m a sole living example.
(of living survival)

Now how many accidents could have been victorious
who can recount
my desolate memory has seen many landscapes
I escaped.

Having reached this far
not much further is left
but death leaves me bereft,
as I journey with a burning desire
not to die; which we all trust
but in the hearts of mankind live I must
to quench their thirst
of how to ignorance encompass.

As I swim across the galaxy of time
let the millions of stars
in my memory twinkle
and shine
as I leave a gold mine
of poetry, imagery be thy invention

Let me soar in the sky like an eagle
swim in the ocean, as does a fish
a seal,a shark
sing atop Everest as a nightingale would

but when the time to incinerate me
is ordained
let me know
ere I eventually go.

And dark curtains of clouds
in stark sadness spray
volumes of rain
of joy and happiness
as I would by then have found my way
out of this earthly kingdom's wavy pathway

Spread my ashes across the universe
take help of winds you may
but astronauts can have a better say
as I fly away
cc Me

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
How does this theme appeal to you?
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I quite like this piece but have one or two reservations. "And small pox none survived, I’m a living example." I can't quite get my head round this. A living example of none surviving? There are a couple of inversions in the third stanza. Free eagle is not necessary as the eagle is itself a symbol of freedom. Ordains? should that be obtains?

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

let others remain
In earlier times
as even of today
CHICKEN POX alone was/is curable

But all those who had
small pox
died yet I survived

author comment

was a major killer here in Scotland when my father was a boy, indeed it was an absolute scourge but as in your own case there were those with a sort of natural immunity that meant as most in the family succumbed, some survived. You are by no means unique, though it may have felt that way when so many family and friends died around you. My father lost two siblings to "childhood diseases."

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

those whose eyes are like cameras

your natural poetry
about nature
is so natural
it has a magnificent stature
you now in poetry mature

well done
I have read you a million times
learned the sparrows songs
as your words chime

I still lay low and am sublime
till comes my time
to also clime

your poetry sings bells into my ears
it rings sermons for poets which are dear
I do hope my poet
you do hear
once to you
I was also near

in my bog I have stated
for one month no poetry will be slated
you are sir an exception
i like ur frankness
i am just a grain of sand
only a tenth of it

author comment

We are none of us unique and yet we are all of us unique, a paradox but one I believe in. As Hemingway stated (quoting Donne) ask not for whom the the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. Yes, we are none of us an island but interconnected by family, friends and other relationships.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

Analysis of Death
What is death
but electromagnetism
fading away
our lives are controlled
by electromagnetic waves
in sync with ethereal magnetic waves
and we are operable
by mechanical and chemical reactions...
our bodies being 80 percent fluid
not necessarily water
and when our positive energy
totally merges with negative
we simply pass away

We came from the womb
only by synchronicity of a moms' heart beat
as we have nothing in commonality
we are all an entity all by our self...
We are like dead rats
if you have seen one
upon soul I make no contest
I suggest it's your own feeling
O teacher poet.

author comment

As a theist I believe I know the answer but no one truly can until they have tasted it. So far none have returned to offer an explanation. The bible puts it best, we came from the dust (Adam) and we return to the dust. Everything else is speculation or theology.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

Bible is best

all know
dust to dust
reuse human five elements
air water fire earth and metal

recycle everything
and that's all there is about life

hubby lover or wife

Indian GITA says
Speak the truth
for you then needn't remember
what you last said

court adjourned
in your favour

well done judge
so FAIR ,
NOT as a lady is
but in justice he meets

he has done his duty
so u do urs

author comment
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