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Protecting the ones who hurt me

You don’t know how much pain you have caused me
You said I had man arms, you asked me if I was a large, you said mom would fit in my pants, you called me mean and a bitch, the person I used to call my favorite who I couldn’t live without who I looked up to you hurt me ,and I wish I could tell you but I love you too much

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that I understand the way this is written.
Is it meant to be a cry for help?
Is that the reason for it being all one
run-on sentence? A cry of desperation?
You did get my attention. ~ Geezer.

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last words show why you should be happy with who you are. People can be cruel, but hopefully they eventually find remorse in their transgressions and apologize I hope it is so in your case.

Thomas like my lost dreams...the flood

Thank you, Thomas
Some I would have thought that’s where the conflict lies but maybe it’s the solution

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