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Oh! Woman!

Lovely find
You have achieved
Which for centuries
Others have deceived
Your find helps people grind
Your love you share
Leaves others in despair

How is it you found about it?
That which others
Have been searching
All life gone by
The forests of ignorance
How could you succeed so early?

Your search
Do share with me
For ever since
I’ve been born
I’ve been
In an everlasting
Scalding lurch
In search of my search!

Helping Avoid Cancer of Prostate

Do share with others
Twill be an endeavour
If more folks indulge
In sexual pleasure
Measure for measure,

Twill gives me greater pleasure
That my Research
Though accepted
Two decades later,
Comes of age

Kindly spread the word
The world hasn't yet heard
See how the cancer rate
Goes down in
America and Canada,

More than a medical recognition,
Twill be my pleasure
That man has been helped
By my solo signature

Special Note
For those who would like to benefit
By my Research
You have two options
Either visit Wikinut
Or message me.
This will help thee
As Triond declines publishing
The invaluable
Sum and substance
From me

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


with praise
so how can anyone
from this earth me erase

without your kind of praise.

please do read


without you here
like a snake
i would be curly
and thanks to u
i'm no snake
that you knew.


author comment

Into the middle of a lonely starlesss night i humbly play with all my might with my computer as my very sight and as i am the owner of the wilderness hark who is listening there wait i shall go upto the gate and if i don't return you should know my worth was as you say in billions nay millions where is that urn in whick my egoistic cancer shall burn and rest assure i shall return and you will from my creation iassure you you shall earn albeit i come out of this wilderness they call time at times we all feel the bells do chime but not yet for me this time.
Into the middle of a lonely

Starless night,
I humbly play with all my might,
With my computer,
As my very sight
As I am the owner of the wilderness,
Hark who is listening there,
Wait I shall go upto the gate,
If I don't return,
You should know,
My worth was as you say,
In billions nay millions,
Where is that urn in which
My egoistic cancer shall burn
And rest assure I shall return
And you will from my creation
I assure you shall earn
Albeit I come out of this wilderness,
They call time,
At times we all feel
The bells do chime,
But not yet for me
No not this time.


author comment
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