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The Program

Painting your picture
Inside my mind

Wanting to keep you
All of the time

Don't ever leave me
Cause I won't forgive you

Saving your image
And saving mine too

What kind of things do they put in my head?
What is true and who is dead?

What is real and what is not?
Who stayed and who fought?

Am I sick or Is this just a dream?
Why do I feel death's beckoning?

Is this reality or is it blurred?
The pictures are different, and so are the words

What's really happening and who's on your side?
You'll doubt all the kindness until two worlds collide

So keep your friend's close
And your enemies closer

Cause who you've known for life
might just be a closer

Your parents and teachers might have been spying
But as you should know everyone's lying

Don't take that pill, you might spill your guts
Then they'll ask questions 'bout all of your cuts

They want the truth and they'll erase your doubt
So put on that smile and never a pout

Cause everything you think what you know
Might just be in a place where lost people go

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(Love hanging with my family of poets)

author comment

Hi guys! I'm Back!
This poem is about an amazing series. I just read called The Program. It is a book about a teen suicide pandemic. Their are people called handlers(they watch over you to see if you spread or develop the sickness) and people called closers
(pronounced Close like close a door, ers. They pretend to be someone who is dead.) In the book the teens get their memories tampered with and don't understand reality anymore. This poems describes their lives. I love to write poems about books!
Tell me if I should change anything.

(Love hanging with my family of poets)

author comment

You have touched on a very important issue, suicide for me any type is awful however that in children we just have to wonder why? You have touched on so many things like not trusting those who you should and so on.

I feel you have used the word closer quite a bit.

I knew a young lady who took her life, it was an extremely sad time for all who knew her, there were no signs,she hasn't had a rotten boyfriend. We were about 23 at the time.

Thank you...Teddy

Actually one of them as i put is closer like close to someone and the other is closer like closing something down. They are two different things. And remember this is based off of a book so a lot of it isn't what I believe. I do believe the not trusting thing though.

(Love hanging with my family of poets)

author comment
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