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The Pretend You - Part Two

Emotion Less

Emotions can be
A real pain the ass
And ‘tis too bloody bad
If that’s sounding crass

Whatever you feel
Can mess with your life
Causing frustration
And a whole lotta strife

When you care about others
And they don’t care back
You start to wonder
What you might lack

Falling in love
Can cause lots of pain
It plays with your heart
And fucks with your brain

You can love someone
While hating them too
You might already know
What I’m saying is true

You feel them with you
Wherever you are
They surround you at work
And/or driving a car

With anger comes stress
I tell you no lie
When stressed out too much
You could possibly die

But, if that’s what you want
Just keep getting pissed
Your funeral will tell
How much you are missed

Indifference to me
Is the best way to go
If you’re numb inside
No one need know

Shedding some tears
Will make you look sad
If you yell at someone
You’ll seem to be mad

You can fake feelings
‘Tis not hard to do
The person folks see
Still appears to be you

Long story short:

There’re times when emotions
Are too overrated
My cynical side
Wants to keep them sedated

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
This is the 2nd part of 'The Pretend You' which I wrote the same time as part one. It continues with me allowing my cynical side to continue to express it's sense of humor, while in a way venting! I'm in no way an unemotional being! Actually, I'm just the opposite and that's what brought this about.
Editing stage: 


I like it, it flows well and carries
the theme all the way through. It is
simple rhyme that works ...

thanks for sharing.

Nice getting your positive feedback. Much of what I write comes from where my heads at, at the time. My poetry, for the most part, is not complex! It has allowed me to discover different sides of 'me'....ones I never acknowledged and/or never knew existed. Plus it's a great outlet.

I appreciate your checking this out and found it to be an enjoyable read!


author comment

"just keep getting pissed off
your funeral will tell how
much U have lost"

my rhyme change!

I took on challenges...and being vain
accepted only troubled beauties!
for my own ravaged ego and anger
they chosen women would strip
I boosted them from the wasteland
of Lah Lah Land...up..some of
them are managing well..
some still haunted with addictions
(that one has a home now offered
on the market for two hundred
ninety nine thousand in a town
that is prime tourist real estate!)
but she is suffering...

Love and Hate...the age old
hypocrisy of Love and also
its most potent chemistry!
Romeo and Julliette..
Marc Anthony and Cleopatra
most of my intimate relationships
with women with brilliant intellect
eye for style and ability to be
in the eye of the hurricane
of all bad asses...
Kind a makes me a gambler
in a way!

Oh I got street cred now...
I busted my ass for them...
forget Lord Raliegh...I
jumped in the puddle
after my shit they jumped
on me..and pulled me up
half dead...tears on me...
Love Hate...a powerful
narcotic to the troubled
psyche...Like Van Gogh...
Like Sexton and her lovers
Like Plath to her writer man.

I always said the greater the
challenge forges the steel
sharpens the edge..
and many women said they
fed off my anger..passion
and energy and they did...
grooming them..they groomed
me and are taking on the world
why waste low key bets
one day that damned horse
will arrive!!!
Practise runs anyway
we Love Looks..the charmers
the smooth talkers..
my one ex managed to get
a contract to outfit the hospitals
with computer intel..
like super contracts
these women can corner!
and I was a driver for years
a trusted man behind the
years ago now...
but when I was focused
and in control and not
drinking....(ten years sober)
and in my was

In the people...there exists
the treasure..
abilities....IF...Rudyard Kiplings
great poem...
IF we somehow as lovers
supporters..takers of the burden
for them..we could unlock
the potential...
but for many....its a ghost
never to be in our grasp...
but the experience...the cred
of its workings is our
creatively...definition of
writing material
do we deserve better?
of course!
did I have better options
of more stable women
along the way.
did I chose them? upbringing
with its contacts and
mother who was creative
and wild....I only knew
what I loved..
and Love was the
rejection and acceptance
and dismissal
but I say I made
it this far and did not take
myself out or anyone else
Im one hell of a character!!! mystical narcotic
of the soul...

the search infatuation obsession
compulsion and maze land of

I find today I can love myself
and ask for respect...pull my edge
back in....focus...
stick to my guns..
and lead..
and be lenient and giving
the empathy..

everyone to some degree
wants happiness
and laughter...
and soul's freedom..

I will never be free of the
torment of my own ghosts
but its not my womens fault
societys fault...
and above all...I have to
give of what I am
and trust....
no freedom..
no security to self no
Flak Vest of the ego...
that shit is heavy
I ride with my soul open
cause...Shit happens..
cancer..hit by a car..
one pill too many
during an escapade
piss the wrong person

but...yah about me
this is your poem
and all this I get
out of this write...

The brave manner
that You write about
your feelings is something
that I struggle to face..
why I admire women poets!

This is an awesome poem!
kicks ass!

thank U!

Mr Wolf!

Hi Mr. Wolf, I'm in awe that my poem brought about all of what you shared here! I appreciate your opening up to me as well. You have a lot going on inside of you and it seems women play a huge role in that! I admit I tend to have a bit of trouble at times following all your thoughts but in the end I think I catch on to most. Thanks for trusting me to 'see inside your head,' at least to some extent.
Your positive input is also greatly appreciated!


author comment

were from Toronto...six girls..their pa was a steam train driver!
for CPR...hamilton to montreal...snappy dresser...looked like
robert mitchum..gramma was thin and handsome..big smiles
incredible wit..old line..handsome look..fine angular..stately.
Worked for Eatons the old store Toronto..Aunts...her daughters
married into the driven male world..President of Cliffside was
my one uncle...Another a Shriner...big convertibles top line
fords....I remember my one aunty still had the old beehive
the rest their kids got into entertainment...big...
all drive suvs...big homes....grandpa had a gambling debt
and moved north..the lake connections...all top dogs hung uncle had a cottage before building his home
epic place...couple of buds still live on the lake
But parents loved music and chumming in the clubs of Hamilton
where dads sister lived...Harry worked in Ford Motor Company
after the war... been an interesting life for me..
but I could fit with the top intelligencia elite..
and when I worked at this top end woodstove store
they would send me out to do troubleshooting for the
people...I was good with the talk... the women were bright...socially active
other then the emotional torture
they taught me a lot...cornering...
rewards for working for them..with them..
a lot of guys escaped their tyranny
where I adapted best I could
was always driving for the women
and I look like a Heavy so they didnt
mind....I never belonged to anything
preferring to be just me...which is
odd and creative and that suited
everyone else although U can say
that I have close affiliations and
associations with them!
if I help the family today its volunteer
meals and lodging only...I dont work
for cash....Like the girls
who in turn gifted me...jackets..
trinkets that are cool....
shiny stuff! walking about with
them at my side suited me
gave me cred...
usual male ego stuff..

many of the women were top
feared and respected
politically in the background
wealthy or poor...people are
people...we all have feelings
I ended up helping across
the board....the window to
all systems that I love

everyone wants romance
flowers and chocolates
every now and then I
bring em gifts out of the blue
cause I do have a soft hearted
side to me..
I dont want to lose the primative
though...that is always needed
and Im happy to know I can dig
in and work hard when time
comes...all my bosses could
do I got respect for
the top brass...and they respected

Love your writing Val!
bold and beautiful!
with its soft edging...
its very astounding
and touching!
happy to know U!

Thank U!

Mr Wolf!

you are a man of words
which I've already said
the cynical side of me
asks, "is he playing with my head?"
but I'd rather not think that
i don't think you'd waist my time
so instead I will believe
that you truly like my rhyme
your final words do flatter
i appreciate what you say
so thank you Mr. Wolf
for making my whole day!


author comment

I can vouch for Mr. Wolf's good intentions. he is a gentle and kindly soul :) he has a lot to say, which is much better than those who say nothing. I like to think of him as a friend.

about your poem... I really liked it, especially these lines:

Long story short:

There’re times when emotions
Are too overrated
My cynical side
Wants to keep them sedated

that made me chuckle! thanks for the smiles!

*hugs, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

"The Book of Styx" can be ordered and purchased on line at:

I had a feeling you might relate to at least some of what I said and it's good to know I said it in a way that read ok poetically!
Mr. Wolf is definitely an interesting soul. Though I have trouble following all his thoughts, I agree he means well. When he writes I feel, at times I feel as though it's more like actually being with him and listening as share his thoughts with me face to face....if that makes sense. I've not run across this before and I mean it in a good way!
Thanks for sharing...I have a poem I may poet that because of your eddy styx I think you'll really relate to. I'll either post it or share in a pm.

ps still a bit spacy from nitrous the dentist uses when fiilling a cavity so I hope this made sense!

author comment

yes, you make perfect sense to me! :)

*hugs, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

"The Book of Styx" can be ordered and purchased on line at:

Just re-read what I wrote....must have been a bit more spacy than I thought cos I just saw I wrote 'poet' instead of 'post' I'm guessing u figured that out! That stuff is amazing....wish I could bring it home w/me....LOL!



author comment
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