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The Pretend You - Part one

The Pretend You

Part One:

Niceness Doesn’t Pay

At times being nice
Is a pain the ass
And I don’t give damn
If I’m sounding crass

People will say,
“I like your style.”
But most will do so
With a cynical smile

They think cos you’re nice
You’re easy to use
Take you for granted
Then leave when they choose

No one need know
Your nice side is dead
This way you can play
With anyone’s head

You can be sweet
So folks think you care
You’ll suck them in
With your classy flair

They’ll think you’re the best
You’ll string them along
They’ll never believe
That you’d do them wrong

And just when it seems
All things are on track
You’ll get satisfaction
Stabbing them in the back

For those who are rotten
Here’s what to do
Make them feel guilty
And apologize to you

They never need know
That you’re laughing inside
Once you master guilt tripping
You’ll be in your stride

Long story short:

Pretend to be nice
‘Tis what you need do
And no one will know
You’re not the real you

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
When I wrote this I was in a rather cynical mood and writing is the perfect way to vent! I do have a dark side with a dark sense of humor, so, when reading this PLEASE know I decided to allow my dark humor to have some fun! I will admit though, that because I do come across for the most part, as a sincerely nice person, I get teased about it and people accuse me of I allowing myself to be played. It's bloody annoying at times and that was my motivation for writing this! There is a part 2 which I wrote at the same time but it'd be too long of a read to post them together!
Editing stage: 


you could use a Killer in your life! LOL I think that it is part of what made my "Killer" come to life! I too, have that "nice" side and people do take advantage of me! Killer is a way to get rid of the tension and aggravation, so that I don't fly off the handle and hurt anyone [either physically or verbally] as I have done on occasion. Since Killer has come to be, I am more calm and collected.
Post that 2nd poem, I can't wait to see what you've got! ~ Geezer.

Honest critique and comments shouldn't hurt.
It's why we are here, to get better at our craft.

Geezer you've turned what was a somewhat crappy, cold day into a warmer night with your fun review! Seriously, I couldn't stop laughing when while reading it! Killer, well, I actually have Evil. And Evil comes out to play when I allow her too or feel the need for her. She's done some pretty despicable things just for the fun of it. I've never gotten violent over something that angers me but allowing myself to discover my dark-side has come in handy because I allow 'her' to write. Writing is so cathartic for me and like you, I find she helps to diffuse whatever has me upset. By the time 'she's' done, I'm laughing at whatever she's come up with! Maybe Killer and Evil should meet one of 2 things would happen...they'd either get along and come up with some really nasty schemes or they'd kill each other....LOL! Part 2, just to give you a clue is more about getting rid of emotions. It's not as dark but I shall post it and you can let me know what you think!
Thanks again for putting a smile on my face to end the evening!


author comment

Actually, I think this will touch a chord with many people. It certainly does with me - lol. I just haven't personified my feelings and fortunately, don't make a habit of following some of them though :-)
Like you, people often think I'm nice, funny, easygoing, then I feel suitably guilty, because some of the time, I'm not nice inside at all - if only they knew. Obvs I need to 'master guilt tripping'

Remember we are a workshop site.
Don't forget to offer critique on poems you read.

My mom was quite good at that! My dad and I were very close and more so when I became an adult, married and all, she used to try to 'use my dad' to get me to do things...she'd say, 'your dad would really like it if you'd .....whatever it was she was trying to get me to agree to. At first, I'd feel a bit guilty if I didn't go along with her request cos I didn't wanna hurt my dad, but then I got smart and would ask him about it, and he was clueless as to what she'd asked me to do, so that's when I just started saying, 'no,' and that ended my guilt:)! But I will say, thanks to her, I learned 'some tricks of the trade' and it comes in handy at times...LOL! The truth be told we can't be nice all the time, how boring that would be, and there are times when it's ok to have the 'not nice feelings inside!' It's part of human nature!
Anyhow Jane, thanks for taking the time to read my poem and share your thoughts!

Best wishes,


author comment

I've learned to never trust someone who always walks around with a smile on their face.....cynical maybe but I know that most likely their hiding something and it's not so nice!
I bet for the most part you are still a pretty nice guy....but maybe wiser now and you know how to 'play the game' at times so you don't get taken! Glad you enjoyed the read and thanks for letting me know!

Best wishes,


author comment

got some credit in the free world...I lost a leg, I lost an eye! (Courtney Love HOLE)
Damn you wrote a poem about me!
working the crowd...the hustle
but no...I got swindled a lot
but I learned a lot
and eventually got thicker skin
like in past few months and more
cause nice people got kind
wanna help and believe in
the stories and sham flim flams
sometimes U just want to believe
in the more dashing charming
flair of the people U aspire to
be of the attention from them
often passing up those who
are maybe plain and are just
as devoted to us..
blame it on Genes
nothings perfect in the free
world....Ive paid my price
but got the credit
experience one cannot

glad U wrote this
because its truthful
and its based on feelings
all the times I got ripped
off I hurt
but now watching those
hitting old age paying
for it in Karma
still feel for em..they
are human and whatever
makes them like that
I cant ponder...
Ive become a more
compassionate and
empathic person over
and just gotta keep
on trucking...
rock on!
awesome work!

Thank U!

Mr Wolf!

I guess we have something in common if you feel this is about you...LOL! I really am a pretty decent person for the most part, but definitely have a cynical as well as bitchy side, at times. Writing is good for those sides to help keep them in line! BUT, they do appear every now and then when I feel justified in letting them doesn't happen often cos like i said, writing comes in very handy when i'm in a 'mood!'
Anyhow, it sounds like you've come a long way with being more 'compassionate & empathetic.' In the long run I bet that'll work in your favor!
Glad you could relate to my thoughts and wanted to share yours with me!


author comment
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