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A President

When I think of a good commander and chief
I envision a being of purpose to say the least
His back will be straight as his feet follow suit
A man full of integrity and a real sense of pride
For his country and his people's rights too

Fairly handsome and not bearing any blemishes
He would speak directly from the hip with conviction
His judgement would begin to hand out retribution
Not be the puppet for another teams confusion
Understanding the masses because he has listened to them

A person who is honest and fair to all the classes
Not trying to look through rose colored glasses
Who knows the difference between pride and racial prejudice
Knowing we are all equal in every since of the word
Because it is true and not just a word he had heard

A leader who stands by all of his people unwaivered
No matter how young, old and rich or poor and ethnicity
Since all men are equal they will only have one profile to be
To have a true pursuit of a happy life
In this land he lives in with you and me

He will always speak for the people at every hand
No matter who happens to be listening
A real knight in the role of a true king
Someone branded to ward off our enenmies
Yep that is the man of my dreams

My President the one who has yet to announce his canidacy
Still just a image I wish for in whispered prayers
A man with the soul and honor of the great ones
Whose spirit lives in silent passages recounted
In the faint echoes of oh say can't you see

A person of distinction and more than self allegiance and bigotry
My image of a president and not just one in particularly
Maybe one day we will see him at the podium speaking
The one with all of our best interest at hand who need
The head honcho, the big khahuna, the big cheese

A man of our time who remembers the struggles before his
Not letting that pressure cloud his mind from what he sees
Someone who can't sell out to special interest or lobbyist
A commander who won't hang up until the call has gone through
With courage and bravery and a willingness to fight for you

Not lining his pockets with death and destruction
Resulting in deceit, mayhem and so many lost American lives
A person who knows they are only human
Just like the lives he swore to protect at all times
By preserving and defending our constitutional rights

Who would bring us through the hard times
Like a great leaders objective would be
While making sure all civil rights and liberties
Are observed as well as respected equally
Yeah I would vote for him because he was their for me

A President beyond imagination a sight for poor eyes to see
A man who will literally carry the weight on his shoulders
This man will be great and this man will do great things
Although it will remain something I was wishing for in a dream
Not exactly what I am getting of course just between you and me

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How does this theme appeal to you?
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have all the statesmen gone?

Welcome to Neopoet. You have cleverly created your wish list for a President and candidly letting the reader what is missing in one particular one..I am sure while you refine/revise this one you will correct a few spellos..and may be add more rhythm ...


raj (sublime_ocean)

with you, and I understand the need, the deep need to write this. I have done the same.

It is nice that you are working in traditional verse form which is somewhat popular on this site, but you'll never find it published in Poetry Magazine etc.

I would consider a few things. First, your audience. You are preaching to the crowd. You will not find a Trumpius supporter (i think) on any poetry site anywhere in the world. His base does not read poetry. Secondly, I think it might be more interesting to know about your rage, your disappointment. The poem lacks a bit of passion. It's in the background of the poem. Bring it forward!
Welcome, and please comment on other poets. We all learn from each other!


I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

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