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Pre-game pep talk

Yes, its true, they are considered stronger,
and objectively they indeed are. But so what,
are the tendons of the muscle, and training
of the body all there is?

I will tell you the story of twins, which were not
twins at all. One, when hopes were beaten, and
defeat stared him in the eye, he broke, fallen,
only a semblance of himself as he went down.

The other paused, angry at himself because
he was falling. No longer believing he could
win, still he decided to hold and not rout.
and miracle above miracle he won the day.

Every big game will come to that moment
that asks of one's mantle under pressure.
The second twin is a warrior, with pride,
would never lay down and cry defeated.

And now, here is where the magic comes in,
The superior knew they were superior, knew
the smaller would crumble at some point; but he
would not bow! so they began to doubt themselves.

We go out there tonight like warriors, our hearts
full, our spirits high. We go out there for the fight.
to charge like the six hundred. Accept the fight,
want it! Be hungry to prove how solid we are.

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This very well Could be a pep talk. I know because I've heard a lot of them and given a few. I's not the size of the dog in the fight , it's the size of the first in the dog lol

I am a basketball coach for many years, and always try to get my kids to understand that true power is within you.


The most powerful reaction
of mind on mind
is transference of sight

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