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dairy cream
gurgles out its viscosity
drizzles in a drip by

the cold refrigerator flow
and pools in a placid
sticky footprints
cherry cola pop

illuminata tube glow
the hunger of the eyes
with their blaze
the passion depths
the shiny glaze row
of items fading in the

tiles like chess
black and white
mark the movements
heel to toe

summer brown
and skinned knees
the cool balcony overlooking
valleys of trees

the shimmery realms
of a witching hour
full of sleepless
unsated powers

and the pool feathered
with breezes
decorated with its
fronds of fallen autumn
a sunken journey
and the bankrupt

watched with the
distant moon
growing full
mulled and scarred

the years heavy like
on unsteady feet
the wind a freedom
from the confines
of the house
full of the ghost
and verdant envy

the wires on the hill are
angels of a choir
the troubled cache box
of a heart needs

baptism from the pain
like the first drops of
rain on an upturned

then mists and
rivulets past waist
length visions

cascades of an edge

Editing stage: 


This poem didn't leave me with any strong impression...I only got vague pictures of pain, degeneration and a desire for some sort of redemption. What prompted this poem, Esker?


No verse is free for the man who wants to do a good job. - TS Eliot

vagueness.....but then im more then popcorn and pop culture,,
my movies and books were a little more then saturday seat filling..

what prompts poets.....and as poets how do we see...

maybe its too deep for some...

i shall continue to write
maybe some softer writes could include more..
whom can tell....

again..thank you for your comment Bill!

author comment
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