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words of love an inscription
in the arguement the
dogs come in
exictement by the
rage filling walls
the sunny hot
summer room
the end table
on its long dark
legs totters

the little fountian
falls breaks in
the candle holder
bowl shatters
shards and water

everyone stalls
for a moment
in time..
bright eyes

then a sigh
the dogs curl
she leaves
for a smoke
the sliding
door slams

a gift from the
"Mother" with a
he saves all the
sees the table
allen keys have
worked loose
in the dry air
he can fix...
the heat
between them

White craft glue
something for
cut outs and
glitter he labours
kitchen table
while the fan
drones on
the complex
voices and traffic
throuwh the

television drone
music from the
teens room

flowers grow
tended with care
washing done
dishes away

but everything
on thin legged table
looms in the voices
their relationship
at hand

another repair
but another crack
in their wall
being slowly

more ballast
to his heart
the river more


Editing stage: 


Despite the deep emotive content and superbly original imagery, ostranenie at its best, of your poetry there feels a certain dryness. So I am going to read you this with passion.
Tell me how I do.

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Being pissed off tends to lend itself to writing
cumulative style of writing...My faith in humaity
and its lacking at times gets too me
Despite my own failings and very human

part of the give and take of the craft
after awhile...

however..the deep buried freshness
of creative juices are there
just when you think you or I as a poet
consider myself to have found something
the original focus is not there..
a ghost..a treasure to always keep
striving for

dealing with others and feeling..
Oh there..thats dealt with
I should feel happy and dancing
but I know that there will be
more challenging things
always someone wanting to piss
in your pocket so to speak
someone always wanting
to deface happiness
its the way or the world

in that statement It means
I feel and that I am human

I get caught up try to deal with
things with difficult and intelligent
and smart and clever others whom
bore just as easily with the day
to day.....and then Im the one
where the blame can be placed

However living alone is even more
boring then the conquests of
challenge and living with challenging

Keeps me young
keeps my mind active like a lawyers
or pretester
for and against..

always a rebel of sorts..

I shall have a listen old mate
and see what youve done
with this lifer bums workT

thank you !

author comment

All relationships teeter on spindly legs.If you wanted, you could describe the table as a small 3 legged hall table to accentuate the fragility of balance alluded to here. A few punctuation marks would make for easier reading but easier reading might make for too fast reading so I'm left with saying you might just want to think about it lol. I liked this and its allusions where shards become pieces of life and spindly legs become a fragile relationship........stan

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