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Posioned Honey

You got caught
Up in the world
Forgot how to live
I've got the cigar
You never smoked
In my back pocket
The heart you forgot
You had broken
On my sleeve

You've forgotten everything
You used to be
Those promises you made
The vows we had taken
Enough is enough

Release me from
These shackles
Of a life once lived
And not completed

I will not pay
The price for
Your selfish endeavors
For this was not my fault
No not at all
You ripped your own heart
From my grasp
Threw yourself into
The bottomless pit of nothingness
With no regrets

I've battled your demons
I've played my part in
This little game you saw
Fit to begin
Now its time for it all
To end, the same way
It began
With a kiss on my lips
And a hand at your back

Silly me
I was a thoughtless child
Believing that the taste
Of honey was just the
Sweetness of true love
When it was just
Deaths nectar passing from
You to me

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
I'm writing all my poems on my cellphone.
Editing stage: 


Resentment due to realization of being deceived neatly expressed in this write with the mind now reconciled to let go to break free of the shackles of love...The Title is also appropriate.

A small typo you would want to correct :- In Line 6 of Stanza 4 it should be "you ripped" instead of "your ripped" which could be because you typed this one on your cell phone..


raj (sublime_ocean)

the little birds beat fast their hearts
nectar required from many
boredom..dont rely on one source,,driven
for a flavor that doesnt exist

bees do what beesare wont..
the flower provides more for just one
i like this sucks to get dumped
and usually often they take their pedestal
with them!!


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