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Porth Joke Beach.

If you were to ask me the place I like the most
it would be Porth Joke Beach on the Cornish coast.
Where walking down to the beach on the path so steep
red poppies and corn marigolds dance at your feet.
Then as you reach the gate at the bottom of the field
a wonderful view of the rocky coastline is revealed.

The sound of corn buntings can be heard all around
and buzzards searching for prey hover above the ground.
While high on the rocks oyster catchers survey the scene
and on the beach you can see where sandworms have been.
Children fish in the rock pools left by the ebbing tide
and run around in the caves, where they love to hide.

Climbing up from the beach after an hour or two
there’s a bench to rest on and take in the view.
Over Cubert Common and back down to the sea
on a summer’s day, it’s where I like to be.
And in the evening, from the place where I stay
you might even catch the sun setting over the bay.

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Reading this piece made my imagination full with beautiful pictures of that place.
I don't know it, and I did not see it, but now I feel I did.
Great work Tim

Mona Rose

Many thanks Mona Rose,
It's a place where we go for our summer holidays here in England on the south west coast. which is an area of lovely coastal scenery, nice beaches and rocky coves.
strangely, I found this poem really difficult to write.
take care,

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