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Polarized Perspectives:

All the world's A stage
As we rage and disengage
World is more a cage

Style / type: 
Structured: Eastern
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Wordless worth
Editing stage: 


the world is a stage actually

always remember to make a critique of other poems
using the hoe is not madness for nothing

I like the idea but something for me doesn't fit...perhaps something like

If all the world's a stage
As we rage and disengage
All the world is more a cage

Something like that, as there is action in the poem which needs clarifying. right now we have

Phrase ( I think it is an "infinitive phrase" starting with as, but I'm not a grammarian)
Incomplete sentence.

maybe its like a puzzle, I surely get the idea, so my take is needs a tweek to tie tighter.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

appreciate your review - if i changed the wording as you have suggested, the syllable count would be affected and the poem would not be a rhyku, my specialty. anyway thanks for the input and I have responded in lowercase due to your ee cummings tribute.

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