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Poets also rot, as

They refuse to change their stance
Many more Shakespeare’s are needed,
If poets need to flourish

Remove the don’t do this,
Don’t do that tags,
No blog poems,
No comments to be converted into poetry
Are all indicators of idiosyncratic?
Cradled and saddled
As well as saddened minds
I am sorry to say so…

A poet in order to survive
Should be like a vast desert,
A vast ocean,
Spread across eternity,
If you want poetry to survive
In today’s limited environment

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


Sorry if you feel picked upon by the enforcement of guidelines which have been in place since before I got here. But the poem does make a good rant ..................stan

but I always have and said my word .
Having said
many have now heard ,
twenty years hence .
Its all okay
by me ...
I am a simple passer by
that by now you all can see.


author comment

i kinda think we need much less poetry for it to thrive. too much content upon content....
'Are all indicators of idiosyncratic?' i do not get this line. don't do that.
lol. keep 'em coming

today perhaps there are more poets and poetries too.
Where are the readers as of yore
when Neopoet
hadn't crashed as never before..

The line indicates IDEOLOGY AND IDIOSYNCRASIES... WHIMS and perhaps fancies ...
You could help guide
how to modify the line..please


author comment

of life, love, truth, meaning everything, but especially poetry.

If we don't learn poetry by reading other people's poetry,
by sharing in a community of poetry fearlessly
then we run down the same tracks endlessly
with maybe an occasional gem of pure insight

Loved where are the Neopoets of yore?
the site crashed, new membership has been restricted
but we are re-opening to the public very soon
then it will be much easier to ignore
those who don't learn and grow
which is what this site is for.

Neopoet Directors

To you Jess... not withstanding the angle of the arrow ,pointed towards loved ..

beautiful words you coin too
I wish all knew,
we have modern Shakespeares
here too.


author comment
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