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Poetry today

IN a modern world …very few enjoy …much less read poetry
but I stand as the

Rock of Gibralta,

composing myself created imagination
in the form of poetic emotion
so many do read
one poetry or another
why bother

no dimes are needed
guys look for dames
and gals want to play games
some think they are the only ones in existence,
whilst they are nowhere
on my minds maps composition

yet I continue to compose
do your indulgence
in me repose
for I think I am in line
for a noble prize

why worry, posthumous only you will give
in my grave,
I will get a thrill
hopefully it will wipe off the entire chill

six feet below
may be slightly cold,
when it does snow …

So friends think not of any dimes
commit no defamatory crimes

if my poetry inspires you
come and pat my back will you...

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


i like your use of words they are like music and your images are very co-ordinated, i love this work

thank u so much


author comment

Keep going, keep posting, enjoy the joy of writing..


raj (sublime_ocean)

I shall and do too
as long as you read me
and I read you

But you are a busy bee
my life is totally free and empty

where can you find tym
to read and comment
but still bondage of friendship
we will cement
dear raj friend

you live across the ocean
where i lived once


author comment

Good to know you were once in my country..

Tell you what? You will never feel empty as long as you have a poem in your heart...let it sing..


raj (sublime_ocean)

they couldn't pay
the promised amount
and threw me out

such is a world of money seekers
I have composed over 9000 plus poems
and here Jess ruled only one a day

another site says two 8 hourly
and so they all stifle me

I want to remain =ANON
so many want to find me

friend poets are poor monetarily
but their heart is rich permanently

So I write at my own race
my own folks hate my pace
but I damn care
poetry flows like a venom of joy
a juice for others to relish
be inspired to consume inspirationally

a newer type of poetry
and you do see hopefully
thanks raj you excel
unlike me!


author comment
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