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Poetry, is not just
The rhyming of some words
It’s an expression of a feeling
Which a heart shepherds

A rhapsody of heart and thought
Immersed in joyful bliss
Or dashed upon those rocks
Of agony’s abyss

Pictures made of words
Painted by a quill
Words that dance and twirl
At the penman’s will

The fusion of a thought
With the gift of soul
Emotions that are freed
Without any control

The sorrow of a heart ache
Set in rhythmic prose
The rhythm of true love
Which, two hearts compose

Visions sketched in words
For everyone to see
Desires and their dreams
In hopes that they will be

The harmony of lyrics
A mind and heart have spawned
Set in melodies of verse
To which, we all respond
BOEMS by JA 413

Editing stage: 


Nicely scripted & structured poem which captures most of what poetry is about...good rhythm and easy on the tongue...


raj (sublime_ocean)

somehow u speak my mind.

Amazingly expressed thoughts Ja Ja.

Beautifully constructed and expressed in every way. My only crit- it needs a better title.

Neopoet Directors

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