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Is poetry a type of math
with measured and oft random flow
which can be charted on a graph
the kind the mathematicians know ?

Or is it some kind of an art
with strokes of pen instead of brush
where visuals are the main part
built in layers with no rush

Maybe it is pure emotion
exhibited for all to see
by anyone who takes a notion
to set their inner feelings free

Some say music's what it is
with all the rhythm and the rhyme
composed by some verbal whiz
intent on beat and keeping time

I think it's all of this and more
a language and an avocation
so give it lots of thought before
you choose to join poetry's nation

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back


Don't worry shirley I don't think anybody does lol........stan

author comment

But then I was joking,
except that the reason for the pigeon
was just as you say here,
the rhythm;
as the pigeon dips down floating
in between its wing beats
when it rises,
to dip down again,
in the rise and swell of poetic music,
as you say so rightly it is all these things,
it is life,
in all its facets and colours
which inspire the writer with the sensitivity
of the musical compose,
to write it all down and do their dance
in public
with the qualities of the art of life itself.

Yes you said it well Stan,
this is wonderfully written
and by someone who understands
the 'soul' of poetry.

Love from Ann.

"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

Thank you Ann, but I hardly understand the types of poetry much less its soul lol. Thanks for the visit.......scribbler

author comment


I think all of these are the true nature of poetry. Delicate stanza's with subtle rhyme...I really enjoyed it.

Obviously my favourite stanza is:

Some say music's what it is
with all the rhythm and the rhyme
composed by some verbal whiz
intent on beat and keeping time

"verbal whiz"...perfect!

I think we all have our own ideas of what poetry is...and hopefully your poem will encourage the readers all to add their own...there may be enough comments for you to write part II.

Great poem, refreshingly new and done in your wonderful style.


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With all that I am and all that I could be, I walk this earth, yet nobody sees me.

Thanks Dan. I had you in mind when I wrote the "music " stanza. Poetry I guess is many things to many people.........scribbler

author comment

Is what you make it, and you make it great! ~ Gee

It seems that the days and hours that people
are available for chatroom are staggered and
not a good match for most everyone. How about
if everyone just shows up at the door, whenever
they have a few free minutes?

thank you for the undeserved praise and for the read

author comment

really nice! Just like many wonderful things in humanity's grasp of experience, poetry eludes a single definition. Reminds me of the several blind men describing an elephant. Now where is that "fave" tab so I can put this in my list....?

'Break, break break on thy cold grey stones, O Sea.'

poetry is many things to many people. Thank you for the visit and kind comment........scribbler

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