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The Poetic Life of a Walter Mitty

Oft a poet might leave his readers
with the impression that his work is
based on true occurrences.

If the reader were to, unquestioningly,
accept words from babbling tongues
of inventive poets—like this one—then

such creator of great lines should be declared
a wizard. But that he isn’t; only an entertainer,
and as such he might be a somebody or nobody—

who transforms himself at the drop of the pen
into someone he is not— In short, he'd be a magician
who puts on the no-wash-no-ironing sheet metal suit

of a knight, the cape of a toreador, or becomes
the impersonator of various other characters,
which means—he cannot be held to speak

the truth, for he bases his words on a grain
of something that’s no more substantial than the fleck
of dust floating on a beam of sunlight in his study.

But how else could he be creative and exciting?
Certainly not on the merits of his own settled daily life.
At his very best, he is a Walter Mitty with a net
in which he hopes to ensnare bits of dreams.

Style / type: 
Free verse
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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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How was my language use?
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Not Explicit Content


I would say 99÷ of my poetry is creative, when I do show my face, I get kind of scared, I pull my stuff off . I love this it's like you have written it from my soul. Seriously I always love writing from my heart but when I show myself I feel naked. It's not in my character to be so honest I like fiction more. Thank you for this I really appreciate your beautiful words.

I would go as far to ask you to join the new workshop to show your wisdom and experience? Of course no harm if you don't but I would truly love to hear more.

Thank you...Teddy

it's always wise not to reveal too much about your personal life, and I am a firm believer in the old adage "Familiarity breeds contempt," which is true. I have had one bad experience with a workshop that taught me a lesson, which is, not to become too close to a group of people. You strike me as a nice person and the rest of this group seem to be quite wonderful as well, but I need to be concerned about my available time and my health--which I cannot talk about at this point. If you have some information as to what my participation would entail, would you mind sending it to me via PM for further consideration? Thank you, Signorina T. And, thank you for the nice review of my poem. I hope we will remain the best of poetry friends. Signore JK

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author comment

always friends, sir without thought, i just meant a giant compliment especially as you are the sonnet poet here, we could achieve so much, never want to make you in difficulty here.

Thank you...Teddy

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