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POE REINCARNATED (June Contest) (Poe)

A raven wakened me today,
delivered me from moldy bed
liberating me to stray
from considering the dead.

I awakened to a dream,
some poets neglecting rhyme.
Picture boxes sit and scream.
People have no sense of time.

Time proceeds here without ticking,
clock hands sweeping, never ticking,
typist typing without clicking.
My past will return nevermore.

Last few words: 
I brought this back as an example for June contest
Editing stage: 


I figured I might need to make it clear that I hardly consider myself another Poe lol. I wrote this from the viewpoint of being Poe suddenly brought back to like in modern times.

author comment

As I have entered a poem on Du bois, I shall have to leave my Poe bit here, LOL, just to torment you a little:-

"She is gone"

A mere girl child
Attended my wounds
The wounds of love,
Running deep into my soul

A primitive reason it was to hide.
The ground swallowed them all
Maggot infested womb did crawl
It took them all from my side.

Yet the raven waits above
Why doesn’t he know
The pickings of death are gone
They have been removed

I should tell him of death
He knows only of carrion
Picking corpses is his fate
Cursed of all the birds

Fly you town crier of death
Go die as my soul is still raw
You cannot understand
This love was my all..

On reflection of the loss of Poe's wife at an early age, they say it was the driving force behind his dark pieces, not sure though..
Yours is a good piece Stan so I will wait for the comments on this one,
Yours Ian..

Give critique to help keep Neopoet great.
Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

That Poe was a drug and alcohol user which might have also added to his dark writes. There's a recent theory going around that he died of undiagnosed rabies..........stan PS back in hight school literature course we studied a bit of Poe and I apparently was a bit taken by his stuff; enough so that class mates started calling ne Edgar for a while lol

author comment
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