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weary worn
the R&R is tearing at our souls
like the slash of the tough grass
Not enough bourbon on the nights
crawl....The MP's drawl..

The once sweet rasp of my Zippo
from a like a rash in the ear
bitter-sweet sucked in on a Pall left hand on the webbing
sling atop the metal and plastic

We know what to do
the names missing
the new replaced
like an old chain with
new links

Worn worn into the months
like the green taped gear
and comfortable boots
a favorite helmet scribed
in magik marker

My talismans I never leave
my watches come and go
like the ghosts of friends
whose faces I will dream

come the wishland of

the heat and sounds
thick like a dream
and the beauty
like a twisted vacation

ten days out and two days
in twenty days out
were not coming in

laying down our
and building
our P.L.F.
watching our
and giving our
to those we

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and as a kid we watched the horror of it on television
my mother cried for the Boys fighting.
we had american cousins..
we were mid wealthy
Teachers at school showed us anti war films
they were young canadians
fresh out of teachers college
and we sang the anti war songs

If I had too I would have gone
principle of country
anything less too me was socialistic
and I had even then read much on
how socialism treats its people
Protest there and its off with
their heads or gaulag
political suicide
and it hasnt changed all that much

But by the time we were teens
we knew the war in vietnam was
Pol Pot took over and got rid of
all poets..doctors intellectuals
etc....turning back the clock
to make just non thinking
non challenging slaves

as If the american south got
rid of all the plantation owners
and put the markets under
one Rule..a dictatorship so
to speak
or puppet regime..
sounds simple but nothings
the UP wire
film.....that mess just got
But I truly did see the returning
who went or were drafted
Many did not have the choice
(lately I talk with isreali's the women
who do service...and they see action
Im not war mongering per say but
Im not an ostrich....Man is and will
continue to be man)
anyway...all that has sorted itself
more or less and the ongoing still
is just as horrible as then

If the allies had not stepped in to
watch over australlia the Japanese
who then were ruthless and well
machined would have set down
their flag on Australlia

war is the shits my friend
I spent a lot of time with
vets who fought for Hungary
in the fifties
Vietnam on both sides
world war two
Bosnia even
and the UN who were
stuck watching the
slaughter i Rhwanda
and other lovely places

But I do value those who
stood up against mindless
use of Mind and bodies
and voiced sentiments
that eventually become
a value to be out of
such conflicts....

as I thank the vets who
did their time and survived
I thank U as a society
objector to the inhumane
aspects of war
for your service!

Mr Wolf!

author comment

dear Mr. Wolf,

I am speechless and overcome by shame to be a member of the human race. (my husband Steve calls human beings, a blight upon the Earth) the abominations that have been perpetrated... many in the name of one religion or another, are endless. these lines touched me deeply:

But I do value those who
stood up against mindless
use of Mind and bodies
and voiced sentiments
that eventually become
a value to be out of
such conflicts....

thank you for this write!!!
*hugs, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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I do my job...
Humans are...just humans
I got a great voice...eyes...
been working crowds for years
just have the natural ability
I would have made a great
protestor...Words stay with
Get to the heart of the matter
of people...they will
met some great leaders through
my time and many shit disturbers
but shit washes off
where the blood of the will
binds and stays like truth
our New Era will be a struggle
against tyranny of Ignorance
but the battles will never
be over till we are freed
by the prophecies of Truth

thank U!

author comment
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