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A Place To Leave My Stay

a shining star which gleams for you
a shining star above
its light a glowing guiding torch
a shining star above
of glowing guiding lovely past
which gleams to light our way
a shining star that guides our path
a light that leads away
a shining star which gleams for you
a shining star afraid
its sparkle cold which draws us in
a hold we venture there
a shining star above our hearts
and peace beneath our feet
which brightens now the fallen snow
which melts our weary flesh
a shining star above our hearts
a light that gleams in wait
a secret pace to end of days
a slowing place of fate
a secret place at end of days
a secret place that shines
a quiet place for us to wait
the shinning star aligns
a final place to rest our fear
a pace to reach our home
a shinning shimmer in the night
for faithful feats atone
a secret pace which knows our heart
a shine that guides our way
a shimmer frosting midnight skies
a torch that guides our way
a shinning star that knows our thoughts
a secret place we yearn
a shining star, a sleepy pace
a final place to turn
and finally we rest at last
and finally we brave
a pace which slows away the days
and shades away to fade
it led us here in sleeping lace
a place we can’t betray
the weave of foot prints in snow
a tired eye we've saved
a shining star still glimmering
the snow, a shiver, warms
a shinning star above our heads
a frozen desert thorn

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This poem is positive, full of enthusiasm and bright! ( Is it a song )?

It bounces along very well! I liked the imagery and each stanza is like a stand alone poem.

For me! ( only my opinion - and I'm no expert ) it was a little repetitive - that of course maybe because it's a song.

Other wise - a really nice poem/song that brings an uplifting smile.

Love Mand xxxx

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