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Permanent Ink

If i listened
to what they said
I would be filled
with voices in my head

I should be
emotionally crippled
addicted to pills
as I lead the life
of a walking
lab rat

i won’t conform
into the guidelines
of society
Made a world
Where insanity
is let loose

I’ll tell you what I think
This time, unrestricted
in permanent ink

Lost in my own mind
Yeah, doc scribble that down
Wait, I’m different
Ring the alarm
Increase the dosage

No more hiding
in fear of judgement
Let them prescribe
As I formulate
Another weapon

Bullets kill
knives leave a mess
oh, a pen
verbal assassin
allowed to roam free
on brainwaves
of the masses

I wear so many titles
Learning disabled , anxious
secluded and awkward
Yup, sounds about right
for the words
Of a society addicted
to handing out labels
as if we were the new
disorder to hit the shelves
of a pharmacy near you

One book must be a miracle
for Mr. learning disabled
that takes enough
pills to cover the alphabet

yeah, Mr. shrink
How many will be infected
by the outbreak
of permanent ink

Editing stage: 


Digging in Paul...Love this..
a cry to the unconformed
your writing of late has been
incredibly focused
your mind is a deep delving thing!
as in you reads...

a well crafted poem with profile
and swerving guise
that steps well
over the lines...


Thank You!

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