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Permanent Ink

Oh, why sell yourself
For a fraction of your worth
Are you filled with doubt
tell me so i can save you
from that deceptive darkness

I called on the northern star
To lighten up your sky
When You sulk away
It gives me an urge
to silence the voice
you listen to

You say,that your a failure
Look at that bookshelf
three books by a nobody
Is impossible, you hear me
Or should I raise the volume

So, your learning disabled
And a degree was impossible
Look at it now, a damn reality
What else can i do
To show you the man I see

Leave the past in the trash
she was a cancer, nothing more
time to find the missing link
I think it’s time for number four
Write this one in permanent ink

Editing stage: 


Ive been trying to jump up and
slap the table
and commit myself to a stronger

This speaks of it!

not a wall
but three books
the assertive effort

I can see this poem
I can feel it now
that I also am
starting to stand up

Thank You!

this worked for me today too...
Just wrote "Never Again!" as a poem to myself not to go back!

strong words. felt like you were talking to me at times, addressing my insecurities (all but the book part). We are always saying they weren't worth it, but they must have been in order for us to get to such an emotional bridge.

critique wise, there are a couple yours that should be you're.

Otherwise a very strong and poignant piece.



a certain strength that speaks to all of us here.
I like the question; "Do you hear, or should I raise the volume?" ~ Gee

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Something is lacking in this poem. I cannot get any feeling or emotion from it. Just good words on a paper. Where is the fire?

Let your mercy spill on all these burning hearts in hell(Leonard Cohen)

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