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Perfect Theme (Based On The Topic Of Pee) Stay Tuned...

remember thee
in my castle by the sea
bionic flesh opportunity
listen to the flow of please
cobwebs stretched apart of its course
walk with me through the flames of destiny
able to please...,

suffer inside with everything to hide
the whole host of business inside come along for the ride
remember thee in times as these
falling apart at the seams

Mickey D's
below the oceanic breeze
flight of the Albatross needs
blended falling away proned to be
lovingly, through the promise of catastrophe,

cereal buster
a kiss from your maker
building blocks of pee
inside we waste are breath by doing what we please

shelter lies dormant onto its beckoning plow
hence the cause for the know it all
near noise pollution
carry through the base illusion,

couples naked frozen in time
a drink of peach, rosemary & thyme
an explosion to the mind
report to a porch swing

sit with me beside the frail rigid sea,
fill our hearts with everything nice
covers from a soul apprentice ease the flow
my darling that was so many years ago

a kiss underneath the mistletoe
frantic said I thing or evil
the coyote prance to the beat
a variance unglued

spread the noise
whats the difference by hitting a frantic nerve
the smell of oceanic words
the bruised element stayed near to the tropics

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