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A Penny In My Coffin

cleared from ex- communication
why are you faking
through crimsome torches that flame from within
reflect upon what's been happening
too afraid to comunication
lovers out of date
through a prymid in site
close tender hearts in disgust
will with whom we shall trust

police poll tugget beneath its tempo
places, races & cases
stand tall beneath the caged pollution of the mall
pinball wizard fresh out of the gizzard
it slpped away from my head
buried me deep below its thread

tender places joib in faith with the races
sincere rushing far out pushing
a hero within us all so stand up tall
model the curse with a way to react
set out on a venture to love
then in return to sweep things under the rug
stand up next to me buried deep
shampoo your hair none the worse for wear

lady in the sea reacts
spread your wings way certain to faithfully react
base scripture on a fact
the whole host to over react
leaving behind a notion of filled regret
tempers a fire...,
teach your children
penny in the coffin
erase what's happening
for in certain forces
stands out as a pillar over the ocean
today we can win
been a fact from within

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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I nice rhyming piece, with rhymes everywhere in it. I particularly love the off rhyme of rug and love. :)

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