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Ask citizens all over the world
to invite immigrants of a different race
(and/or religion)
to their homes on Sundays -
for lunch and then a chat.

They might enjoy the taste
of unknown recipes.
They might have fun
and soon make friends.

The man or woman on the street
does not want war...

Ask politicians (or better,
oblige them with a law)
to study compromise, fair play,
and how to just give in a bit
whenever possible...

(Though I realize, sadly,
that at times that can't be done -
with Hitler for example...)

They could receive a doctorate,
but it would take them many years:
would-be leaders are not talented
in such mild ways...

The works and life of GANDHI
would NOT be an optional subject.

They would learn that negotiations
can go on, and on, and on,
and need not usually be hurried,
and that war is only an ultimate,
ghastly, desperate resort.

Leaders are stubborn critters
and obsessed with giving orders.
Once they have the bit between their teeth
they find power hard to leave,
as if they wore Tolkien's ring.

They're basically control freaks.

All you have to do
to be a well-paid politician
is go to party meetings from an early age.
If you hang on in, you eventually
become a Minister.

Come to think of it,
that's what I should have done myself
(anything's better than teaching English!)

They could also be required to live
(for several years) with poor families,
to improve their grip on reality.

WE should be controlling THEM
(not the other way round -
and not just at election-time...)

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and yes, it is poetry, very good, honest poetry.
It reads well too, I hope you like the reading.

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